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Eanes ISD

The Gift of Time, From a Man Dressed in RED

A message for the Superintendent

The Gift of Time, From a Man Dressed in RED

Throughout this school year, in all of my State of the District presentations, I am emphasizing the need to focus on the social-emotional wellness of our children and, for that matter, of our community. As one of our district’s strategic priorities, we believe schools are the heart of our community and we have a shared responsibility to make sure we create an oasis for the children in each of our schools.  

If you have seen either the video from my remarks at this year’s Convocation, or at one of our State of the District presentations, you know our theme has revolved around a kind man, who liked to wear RED. No, not Santa, but Mr. Rogers.  

Mr. Rogers

So much of Mr. Rogers' message has resonated with the staff of Eanes ISD. Our staff believes in caring for the needs of children, whether they are 6-years-old on the playground with a bruised knee, or 17-years-old on the football field after a heart-breaking loss. We truly care about kids.  

We also believe our responsibility is to instill in our children the wisdom of treating one another with respect, showing kindness and taking time to reflect. A school, like an oasis, should be a place where everyone feels safe, and has the time and space to breathe.  

Mr. Rogers understood the value of "the gift of time." A week or so ago, I received an email from a resident who shared a video with me, telling the story of Mr. Rogers quietly deciding to share his time with a young girl who was fighting for her life in a hospital. It is truly an inspirational story and one I want to share with our community during this holiday season.  

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I am so proud to represent the staff of Eanes ISD during this holiday season and all year long. Like Mr. Rogers, the staff in our schools gift their time, each and every day, to support, guide, counsel and teach the youth in our community. Without fanfare or accolades, they work with the same passion as Mr. Rogers to show kindness and love to all they encounter. They are the ones who create the "Oasis of Eanes ISD."

Eanes Oasis

So, as we leave for winter break, I hope you use this season to give the gift of time to your loved ones. Create an oasis in your homes, where kindness and love can flourish.  

The world could use a little more space, some quiet moments and some shared collective kindness.

Happy Holidays,

Tom Leonard

Dr. Tom Leonard