Eanes ISD

Kindness Challenge

Green Umbrella

As part of Dr. Leonard’s 2019-2020 “Green Umbrella of Kindness” and “Green Glasses Days”, all of the elementary schools will be focusing on spreading kindness across the campus and the community throughout the month of February.

With the support of the counselors, each campus will kick off the kindness theme by showing a video from Erik Qualman, our beginning of the year convocation speaker. Each classroom will be working on a Kindness Challenge which consists of 20 different activities or “acts of kindness” for each class to complete (i.e.: writing an encouraging letter to someone, thanking our campus helpers, reaching out to someone new). Once all 20 activities are completed, a class picture will be taken with the students wearing the “Kindness” green glasses to celebrate their kind efforts as a classroom community.

Green Glasses