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National Merit Scholars Announced

In addition to the 33 National Merit Semifinialists announced earlier in the year, the National Merit Scholarship Program recognized 70 Commended, 20 Hispanic Scholars, four Indigenous Scholars and one African American Scholar. Approximately 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. 

The College Board recognizes academic excellence through its National Recognition Programs, identifying students from underrepresented groups—i.e., ethnic minorities and/or those who attend school in rural areas or small towns—who have excelled on their PSAT/NMSQT or AP Exams and in their classwork.

Congratulations to the following:

Commended Scholars
John Archer
Benjamin Aydelotte
Sadie Balling
Carly Barnett
Isabela Barton
Mehuli Basu Roy
Jawad Bataineh
Taarika Bhargava
Parker Brown
Vivienne Brown
Antoine Cabrol
Noah Cannon
Lindsay Chong
Sydney Chung
Zoe Collier
Schuyler Coulson
Zachary Dealy
Madeline Flanagan
Gabrielle Flores
Cole Foster
Annika Fredell
Duncan Gilbreath
Aaroh Gokhale
Luis Gomez
Eric Goode
Samuel Goodner
Lloyd Harvey
Austin He
Owen Hubert
Jesse Jarrett
Nikhil Jasti
Eric Jayawant
Katharine Jong
Persephone Jordano
Parker Keoun
Natalie Klaas
Mitchell Knipp
Eli Laby
Avery Landry
Matthew Lee
Mollie Maresh
Liam Melear
Kathleen Min
Sadrita Mondal
Todd Nuckolls
Emmett Pangan
Ovais Qureshi
Jaimie Ren
Jacob Riezebeek
Swaha Roy
Liselotte Ryan
Devan Sabapathy
Mark Sayegh
Aric Shah
Justin Shim
Charles Sun
Sabir Syed
Nina Velacheri
Kevin Wang
Neo Wang
William Wang
Phillip Wangnick
Leo Weihe
Zara Weiss
Carter Wiese
Caroline Wilson
Audrey Wong
Daniel Yang
Bowen Zhong

National African American Recognition Program Scholar:
Andrew Zucca

National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholars:
Savannah Ball
Maya Cidale
Nicholas Dieterichs
Madison Finch
Mia Fuss
Ethan Ho
Andres Leal
Diego Maldonado
Nadia Matta
Derek Martin
Eva Moroz
Luca Montoya
Lara Murray Palma
Zachary Raymond
Samuel Regalado
Manuel Rosso
Miranda Scardina
Mia Scherer
Ella Strickland
Elena Terrazas

National Indigenous Recognition Program Scholars:
Savannah Ball
Spencer Koebele
Nadia Matta
Wesley Skirrow