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Eanes ISD

Information on Instructional Resources

Eanes ISD has received questions recently about two trending topics: library books and students’ access to online content, such as YouTube. These are not new subjects nationally or locally, but, because there may be misinformation in the community and on social media, we want to provide families with accurate details on how Eanes ISD works with parents and staff to monitor, evaluate and implement various resources in our schools.
In short, these issues involve policy, partnerships and process.
It is important to know school districts are guided by policy and legal regulations to ensure impartiality, equity and consistency. Policies may be influenced by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) or on the local level by the Eanes ISD Board of Trustees. Decisions related to books, technology and other instructional resources are governed by policy.
Eanes ISD listens to and partners with staff and parents to address concerns. This commitment includes continually reviewing feedback on library books and technology, allowing parents to object to materials for their child, applying multiple web filters, and restricting access to inappropriate websites. These actions are a result of parents and staff following processes, communicating and working together to find a workable solution.
According to Board policy, if there is a concern or question about any resource to which parents object, a process is available to determine the appropriateness of the material. This formal review may include teachers and librarians, technology staff, campus and district administrators as well as parents.
When instructional resources are challenged, if parents do not want their children to have access to particular books or apps, there are formal methods to restrict individual access. Please note: Eanes ISD is a small school district with limited staff. Objections to instructional resources can take time and a considerable amount of effort. Patience is appreciated as the process progresses (see FAQ on process).
Eanes ISD makes every effort to balance parental unease with instructional access in an age- and developmentally appropriate learning environment. Even in a small school district, several educators are responsible for vetting, selecting and ordering materials. Nonetheless, in partnership with parents and staff, there will always be an effort to improve oversight and efficiencies in the process to procure resources and protect students. 

For more information and access to policies and forms, please visit