Eanes ISD

Educators of the Quarter (Q3) Announced

Q3 Educator of the Quarter

The College Tutors Educator of the Quarter recipients for the 2018-2019 school year were announced today! 

Casey Suchko is the Westlake High School Educator of the Quarter!  She was first inspired by education as a college student, where she became involved in an after-school program for elementary school children.  It was then that Casey realized how much she enjoyed being “a positive influence in kids’ lives,” and her dream to become an educator bloomed.  Of course, her dream is now her reality, and she currently teaches French II and World History for tenth graders at Westlake!  Eleven years into her career in education, Casey continues to find joy in the flexibility of teaching.  “Each day is new and unpredictable at times,” she tells us excitedly, “and I find that energizing.”  But she also gives us some sage advice: “Not every day will be perfect.  In fact, very few will be perfect.  But if you’re always striving to be a positive force, it’ll all be okay in the end.”  We are so proud of Casey Suchko and the endless positivity she brings to Westlake High School as our newest Educator of the Quarter! 

Kelly Cummings is the West Ridge Middle School Educator of the Quarter!  Having been a teacher for an impressive 22 years, Kelly’s love for working with children is undeniable.  “My mom called me the pied piper of the neighborhood,” she laughs.  “I am glad I made the choice (to teach) because I get to have fun every day!”  Making education a fun and enjoyable experience is something Kelly strives to do for all of her students, from her sixth graders to her eighth graders.  She adores fostering an excitement for education within her classes, especially when she sees a struggling student suddenly understand a concept.  To Kelly, those relationships are the most important aspect of education, who keenly observes how “kids will work hard for you when they know you care.”  We are so proud of Kelly Cummings, the pied piper of West Ridge Middle School and our newest Educator of the Quarter!

Katie Recer is the Hill Country Middle School Educator of the Quarter!  Katie’s love for education began with her love of people.  “I wanted to pick a career that directly helps others,” she tells us.  For the past four years, she has been realizing that goal, and is currently the Behavior Support instructor for all of Hill Country Middle School.  “I love having a career that calls for me to value the unique characteristics in the human beings I work with,” Katie says.  Appreciating and understanding each individual’s gifts is something she believes in very strongly.  “Your peers are invaluable resources,” Katie tells us.  We are so proud of Katie Recer and the invaluable resource she is as our newest Hill Country Middle School Educator of the Quarter!