Eanes ISD

Educators of the Quarter (Q2) Announced

Q2 Educators of the Quarter

The College Tutors Educator of the Quarter recipients for 2018-2019 school year were announced today. The purpose of the award is to highlight and recognize middle and high school educators that act as a role model for Eanes ISD students. The award, made with input from the school administration, recognizes educators that personify the three core values of College Tutors: Can Do, Results Matter, and Leave It Better. 

Richard Lombardo is the Hill Country Middle School Educator of the Quarter. He has been teaching for 18 years and is currently the Educational Technologist. When asked his favorite thing about teaching he responded, “Interacting with the students and knowing you can have a positive impact on them.” In conjunction with that thought, his reasons for becoming a teacher were, “I have always enjoyed helping others and being creative. After working as a graphic designer for many years, I realized that sitting behind a computer all day wasn't for me. That's when I decided to return to school and become a teacher.” It’s very clear that he has a passion for instilling important values into students that will help them in all of their endeavors, and we appreciate his hard work!

Brittany Gothia is the West Ridge Middle School Educator of the Quarter. She teaches Special Education. Having grown up with a sister with disabilities, she has developed an immense amount of empathy and a strong desire to help those who need her understanding, and it reflects in her teaching. She states, “As a life skills teacher you get to cheer on the small things, and sometimes odd things. Every single step my students take in learning is worth celebration and I will tell you, we have a lot of fun!” 

Laura Bergman is the Educator of the Quarter for Westlake High School. With a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher, and drawing inspiration from her experience tutoring English while residing in France, she states, “I love my kids so much. They are such happy, refreshing, and wonderful people that it really makes my job fun. I love that I get to come to work every day to help them discover and appreciate other cultures and perspectives. Watching them acquire a new language over time and hearing them talk about how they use it outside of class because they want to is very rewarding.” She offers this advice to new teachers, “I would say the thing that has helped me the most in my career has been having amazing mentors, so my advice would be to make those connections with your colleagues. New teachers can learn so much from their mentors' experience, and having that support truly makes a difference, which ultimately helps the students.” Brilliant advice from a very accomplished hard-working teacher with over 13 years of experience!