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Educators of Q3 Announced

Q3 Educators

The final College Tutors Educator of the Quarter recipients for 2017-2018 were announced today. The purpose of the award is to highlight and recognize middle and high school educators that act as a role model for our students in Eanes ISD. The award, made with input from the school administration, recognizes educators that personify the three core values of College Tutors: Can Do, Results Matter, and Leave It Better.

Ingram Milam teaches 6th Grade ELA, at Hill Country Middle School. Ms. Milam has nine years of experience in the field of education and says the best part about being an educator is, "the opportunity to interact with so many different people in such a close way. I get to know 130 new people every year! I love reading with, talking to, and learning from my students. I can't wait to see what great adults they become!" She decided to become a teacher because of her parents; "My parents were both in education and I grew up seeing the impact they had as educators. I love the relationships that I am able to build with my colleagues and students." And so because of that impact and advice her parents offered she has decided to pay it forward and offer this piece of advice to her fellow colleagues and new teachers, "Keep a journal!! Middle schoolers are hilarious, but you will forget so much in the chaos of the day. I used to write down their quotes throughout the day and look back at them when I was having a bad day. The journal still makes me laugh!"

Ann Jones teaches in The Learning Center at Westlake High School. Mrs. Jones currently teaches 11th and 12th grade English and Art, and has been a teacher for as long as she can remember. The biggest lesson she would like to pass on top fellow educators is, "Love your students. Listen." Mrs. Jones decided to take on the challenge of teaching because of the rewarding benefits of being able to have an impact on students' lives and shape the malleable minds of the new generations, and more than that, the fun of running an artistic classroom. Her favorite thing about teaching is the relationships she has with her students.

Rebekah Ellis teaches 6th grade English at West Ridge Middle School. Mrs. Ellis' teaching career has spanned over a monumental 18 years! She wanted to be an educator as early as her first day of Kindergarten. "School was my life when I was a child. It was my safe haven and the place where I could learn and discover new things. I consider teaching a calling, a way to serve and help others. What better way to contribute to our society than to lead children on a journey of learning!" Mrs. Ellis would like teachers new and old alike to, "Continue to grow and learn alongside your students, act as a facilitator more than a teacher, and create a family environment in your classroom. Also, strive to meet the students on their level of learning, make learning fun and engaging, and be an advocate for social change."

Congratulations to these teachers, and thank you so much for all that you do. Eanes ISD wouldn't be the same without you and we're thankful for your commitment to your students. Keep up the great work!

The owners of College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors of Austin established this program to recognize and honor the educators in our surrounding community for their efforts. We firmly believe that the quality of education in our community is a direct reflection of the tireless work they put in every day for their students. For more information on this award, or to submit a nomination, please contact College Tutors at christina.woodall@collegetutors.com.