Eanes ISD

DEI Advisory Committee Announced

The Eanes ISD Board of Trustees approved 27 members to the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee, a newly formed formal advisory group that will report to the board.
The DEI Advisory Committee will work with District DEI consultant Dr. Mark Gooden and the administration to lead the process to enhance community, staff and student racial awareness and to cultivate an environment of understanding unique similarities and differences.
The District received 263 applicants which were divided into students, staff groups, parents and community members. Eanes ISD Trustees identified committee members based on experience or interest and with Dr. Gooden’s assistance. Consideration was given to people with an interest in DEI work or those with a particular expertise in DEI, as well as to the diversity of the committee itself. The online application was open Sept. 1 through Sept. 21. Committee members are required to give a commitment of a minimum of two years.

DEI Advisory Committee Members:

Barton Creek     Katie Ricter
Bridge Point      Katy Larson
Cedar Creek     Robyn Post
Eanes               Brittany Jennings
Forest Trail       Hunter Hames
Valley View       Julie Carmona
Hill Country      Michael McKelvy
West Ridge      Christy Catalano
Westlake          Mariam Yaghi

Barton Creek    Hugo Aguilar
Bridge Point      Yvonne Adams
Cedar Creek     Darshana Kalikstein
Eanes               Sang McDonnell
Forest Trail       Ben De Leon
Valley View       Anita Lakshman
Hill Country      Rev./Dr. Carolyn Helsel
West Ridge      Monique Pikus
Westlake          Jeff Newberg

Hill Country      Sehva Faulkner
West Ridge      Liberty Johnson
Westlake          Hudson Huff, Audrey Wong

Community Members
Prianka Ghoshal
Beth South

Elementary       Holly Reid
Secondary        Dianne Carter

Central Administration
Mindy Choate
To read more about the DEI Advisory Committee or see background information on the District’s DEI work, please visit www.eanesisd.net/DEI.