Eanes ISD

Future Change in BPE & EE Attendance Zones

Eanes ISD is planning a slight adjustment to the attendance boundaries between Eanes and Bridge Point elementary schools. This is part of a long-range plan to relieve overcrowding at Eanes Elementary and balance enrollment at Bridge Point Elementary, which has space for more students. This boundary adjustment is also necessary to gradually lessen Eanes Elementary’s need for temporary classrooms on its campus within the next three to five years, while better utilizing Bridge Point’s existing capacity.

12C Boundary

This is a modest boundary adjustment that will only affect the attendance zone known as “12C,” which is detailed on the map shown here. This attendance zone, which is contiguous to the two schools, was originally assigned to Bridge Point when the campus first opened in 1997. However, it was moved to Eanes more than 10 years ago when Bridge Point experienced significant enrollment growth. Now, the population pattern has reversed and this small area must be re-transitioned to alleviate overcrowding at Eanes Elementary. Both Eanes and Bridge Point elementary students will continue to attend Hill Country Middle School.

Students enrolled in or entering kindergarten through second-grade at Eanes Elementary and who presently live in attendance zone 12C, will be re-assigned to Bridge Point Elementary beginning with the 2019-20 school year. Bus transportation will be provided for all students re-zoned to Bridge Point Elementary.

Current Eanes Elementary students entering third- through fifth-grade in 2019-20 and who presently live in attendance zone 12C, will be “grandfathered” and may remain at Eanes through completion of fifth-grade.

Younger sibling(s) of a rising Eanes Elementary third- through fifth-grader – even though they are entering kindergarten through second-grade – will also be allowed to remain at Eanes until the 2022-23 school year, at which time all students who reside in attendance zone 12C will be permanently assigned to Bridge Point Elementary with no further grandfathering. If, at that time, any students who reside in attendance zone 12C wish to remain at Eanes, families could apply for in-district transfer status, assuming space is available.

To maintain the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of re-routing buses due to this boundary change, unfortunately, transportation will not likely be provided for students who opt into being grandfathered at Eanes Elementary (qualifying students receiving special education services may be an exception).

Families whose students or siblings are in the grandfathered group may elect to go ahead and commence their enrollment at Bridge Point Elementary starting with the 2019-20 school year, in which case bus transportation will be provided by the school district.

We understand the questions and emotions that may stem from even a small change to school attendance boundaries such as this. As much as possible, every effort will be made to minimize disruption to routines and neighborhoods. This change is being communicated now so families can plan accordingly, especially with school-based events such as Kindergarten Round-Up occurring in late March. Informational conversations with affected families at both schools will be offered before spring break, with exact dates, times and locations to follow. 

In the meantime, any questions or concerns may be directed to Dr. Jeff Arnett, deputy superintendent, at jarnett@eanesisd.net or 512-732-9020.