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Eanes ISD

PharmAssist Wins At Nationals

The Westlake HS Business Incubator winning team, PharmAssist, was one of two teams selected for funding at the National Pitch competition in Chicago in July. PharmAssist offers a simplified and personalized medication platform that reduces medicinal risks and increases user safety. 

The team was awarded up to $10,000 with the condition that what they raise on their own will be matched by INCubatoredu, the entrepreneurship program that runs the competition. Rising Westlake HS seniors Andrew Depwe, Zach Edens, Mason Mireur, Amaan Rumi, Parker Steen and Megan Swett have already been approached by a healthcare company wanting to provide additional funding. 

PharmAssist won the Westlake HS Business Incubator Pitch Night in May of this year, garnering $15,000 to further their app.