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Eanes ISD

New from Child Nutrition for 2023-24 School Year

We have GREAT news from Eanes ISD Child Nutrition! We have made improvements to the Child Nutrition program to better serve all the students!

Better quality ingredients and cleaner food made from scratch!

Starting SY 23-24 EISD will no longer be participating in the federal meal programs (NSLP or SBP). There are many reasons for this. The main reason is food quality and choice. By not participating in the government meal programs, we are free to purchase products from local vendors, higher quality organic and natural vendors, and cook primarily from scratch to ensure clean food, tasty food, and healthy food where we have more control of where it comes from and what goes into it before it gets served to our students.

Healthier snack choices and menu items that are scratch-made or provided by local vendors to better meet the needs and expectations of our students, parents, and the EISD community.

More beverage options for lunch and breakfast at our elementary schools. Instead of just milk, students will have the option to get milk, water, or 100% fruit juice included as part of their meals for both breakfast and lunch.

New Meal Prices

These updated prices are set at this level to allow us to accomplish all the stated goals of our department for this school year including, healthier options, cleaner options with minimal processing, locally procured items, organic items, and more plant-based proteins and Entrée options at all levels.










Free students will continue to be no cost and reduced will be $.30 for Breakfast and $.40 for Lunch