Eanes ISD


How do I know my application was submitted?

When you submit your application successfully, you be redirected to a pop-up confirmation page.

What are the different transfer types and what do they mean?

There are three types of transfers in Eanes ISD: Out-of-District, In-District and Employee.

An Out-of District transfer is defined as the following:

  • a student that does not live with-in the Eanes ISD boundaries;
  • a student that lives in the district but will be moving out of the District before the upcoming school year starts;
  • you are building/buying a house in Eanes ISD district boundaries after the school year starts but would like your child(ren) to start Eanes ISD at the beginning of the school year.

An In-District transfer is defined as the following:

  • a student that is living in the Eanes ISD boundaries but would like to attend an Eanes ISD campus other than the school in his/her zone.

An Employee transfer is defined as the following:

  • a student is the child of a current Eanes ISD Employee.

A Returning Transfer is defined as the following:

  • a student that is currently attending Eanes ISD as a transfer student.

Are all students who apply for transfer to Eanes ISD accepted?

Not all students who apply for transfer to Eanes ISD are accepted.

How do you determine how many transfer students Eanes ISD will accept?

Per Eanes ISD policy FDA (local), we accept transfer students when we have empty seats in a classroom that are not filled by our students who live in the District. But, we do not accept transfers if another teacher would have to be hired in order to make a spot for the transfer student. Because of this, each campus determines the number of available spots that they can fill, by grade level, on an annual basis. This is determined after future enrollment numbers have been projected for the next school year in late spring.

How many transfers do you accept each year? What is the percent of transfer applications that are accepted each year?

There is no pre-established number of transfers that are accepted for enrollment. The number of accepted applications varies each year, by campus and by grade level based on projected enrollment.

Is there a transfer fee or tuition for transferring into the Eanes school district?

Although the legislature does allow a District to charge a transfer fee, Eanes ISD does not currently charge tuition, although there is an annual $125 transfer application processing fee for students to transfer into our District.

We live in the Eanes ISD school district boundaries. My child is currently attending a private school. We will be transferring back to Eanes ISD starting next Fall. Would my child be considered a transfer and do I need to complete a transfer application?

If you live in the Eanes ISD school district boundaries you would not need to complete a transfer application in order to enroll your child. New resident students complete a New Student Online Enrollment form to begin that process.

We live in Eanes ISD boundaries and our child currently attends an Eanes ISD campus. We are moving out of the District, can our child still attend Eanes?

Legally, the day you move out of the District, you must complete a transfer application and be reviewed for continuing at Eanes ISD as a transfer. Principals try to continue a student’s current school year at Eanes ISD if a family relocates in the middle of the year; however, they do review the same criteria as other transfers (attendance, discipline, and grades) when approving or denying the transfer.

We own land within the boundaries of Eanes ISD school and pay school taxes to Eanes ISD. Can our children attend Eanes ISD schools next year on the basis of our property?

The Texas State requirements for determining a student’s resident school is defined as where they “lay their head at night”. Your property would not qualify your children as Eanes residents unless you are residing there. If you would like to apply for your children to attend Eanes ISD as transfer students please complete the transfer application.

We are in the process of purchasing a house in Eanes ISD but we don’t know if it will be complete by the first of school. What do we do?

In order for your child to be considered as a transfer under the category of “Building/Buying a residence in EANES ISD”, you must have a signed and executed contract. A copy of a portion of the contract, showing a date, address and signatures, must be attached to the application. Until you have an assigned contract you cannot apply for transfer using the “building/buying” reason for request. If you do not have a contract yet you may complete the out of district transfer application and then amend the type of transfer application as soon as you have a signed contract.

Can I turn in the transfer application and then get the other required documentation to you later?

No, transfer applications cannot be accepted or released to the campuses until they contain all the required documentation for review.

My child does not have any discipline issues during the current school year so I don’t have anything to turn in to you.

We need a document from the school attesting to the fact that your child does not have discipline record during the current school year. This can include a screen print of your child’s discipline record from the administrative software that they use (signed and dated by a District employee) or it can be a statement on district letterhead from an administrator of that school stating that your child has no discipline records for the current school year.

Eanes ISD also has a generic form you can use to request information from the student's current school: Discipline Form

When will we hear about our application being accepted or denied?

Notification of acceptance or denial letter/email will be sent out to parent no later than June 3, 2019.

How will we be notified of our acceptance or denial?

You will receive an acceptance letter via the e-mail address you provide on the application. The letter comes directly from the District Transfer Coordinator. Denials will be notified by e-mail once the campus(es) has determined that no additional transfers will be accepted at a specific campus and/or grade level.

Are current transfers automatically renewed for subsequent years?

Principals review current transfer students’ grades, attendance, and discipline each spring. If the student is not meeting District standards in any of these areas for the previous school year, they will not be renewed for the coming school year. Another reason a returning transfer could be denied for the coming school year is space. If there are no additional spots in a particular campus and grade level due to resident student enrollment, that returning transfer could be denied.