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Eanes ISD


SMART tag offers a bus ridership program for all elementary and secondary students that monitors where and when students board or disembark a bus. The SMART tag system utilizes passive RFID technology and cloud-connected tablet computers, allowing the District to verify accurate ridership, ensure students only board their designated bus and exit their designated stop, enable the driver to have access to medical emergency information and provide parents notification of an approaching bus.

Similar to systems used in public transportation, students place their SMART tag ID badge on the tablet’s sensor when loading and unloading the bus. Only the student’s name and associated bar code will be printed on the ID badge. No information is stored on the badge. It is a “passive” RFID system, meaning that the cards are dormant and only activate when directly scanned by an electronic reader.

The SMART tag system also offers parents a bus tracking feature through a secure Parent Portal. Parents can register to receive ‘SMART Alert’ text messages notifying them their child is 10-15 minutes from his/her bus stop. The portal may be accessed from any device with a web browser.

How it works

Benefits of SMART Tag for Bus Riders

  • Lets drivers know if your child is boarding the right bus.
  • Lets drivers know if your child is getting off at the right stop.
  • Shows drivers a list of Authorized Guardians for release.
  • Reminds drivers if a rider (assigned to a stop) is still on the bus.
  • Shows drivers their routes and rosters.
  • Helps drivers with bus safety inspections and reporting.