Eanes ISD

Elementary Campus Dismissal

SMART tag allows parents of elementary students to use SMART tag’s technology to communicate and coordinate dismissal changes. The system allows parents to utilize web-based technology (desktop or mobile), to communicate their child's change in dismissal plans safely, easily and quickly. Eanes Elementary has piloted a campus dismissal program over the past three years and began using SMART tag campus dismissal at the start of the school year.

The remaining five elementary schools have an anticipated launch of the program in February.

Helpful Resources:

Help Videos

How To Create Parent Portal Account
Campus Dismissal Part I: Check Default Dismissal Setting
Campus Dismissal Part II: Make One-Time Transportation Change
Campus Dismissal Part III: Multi-Day Transportation Change
Campus Dismissal Part IV: Late Arrivals, Absences & Early Dismissals
Campus Dismissal Part V: Cancel and Edit a Dismissal Change

Benefits of the Campus Dismissal Parent Portal

  • Enter your child's dismissal exceptions ahead of time - even input reoccurring after-school activities
  • Make changes from your computer or phone
  • No more lost notes or calls to the front office to coordinate dismissal preferences
  • Exceptions specific to your child's campus procedures and approved after-school providers