Eanes ISD

Student Information Verification Instructions

Minimum Web Browser requirements: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Firefox current version, Safari 5 or higher. EISD does not recommend using iPads, SmartPhones or the Chrome browser to complete this process. Be sure to turn off your pop-up blocker.

Forgot Password? Click the “Forgot your Login/Password?” link on the Family Access login page.


  1. Logon to Skyward Family Access: http://www.eanesisd.net/familyaccess
  2. Click “Go to 2019-2020 Student Information Verification...
    Note: If you have more than one child, this process will need to be completed separately for each of your children attending an EISD campus this upcoming school year. Once you complete verification for one child, you can select your next child’s name from the drop down box at the top under the heading “Family Access”.

  3. Click on each step to review/update/add information. Click Complete Step # and move on to Step #for each item. At any point you may go back and edit your data anytime before the March 15, 2019 deadline.
SIV Steps Screenshot

NOTE: The number of steps will vary depending on your child's grade level.


Step 1: Indicate if your currently enrolled child will be returning to Eanes ISD for the 2019-2020 school year

Step 2: Review/update your selections at the bottom of this page

Steps 3 a-e: Review/update the information as needed (3a and 3b changes need to be made by your campus registrar)

Steps 4-5: Review/update the information as needed

Step 6: Click EDIT to review/update the information

Step 7-10: Review/update the information

Step 11: Review the documentation related to the campus/school your child will be attending – once you have finished, close the window/tab to return to Student Information Verification

iPad Protection & Web Filtering : (6th - 12th Grades & ATS only) Review & select your response

Residency Verification Notification: (6th & 9th Grades only) Review and select your response

Senior Career and Service Days Permission: (12th Grade only) Review and select your response

Acknowledgement Statement: Review and acknowledge

Complete 2019-2020 Student Information Verification...: Review the summary and complete any incomplete steps. Once final, click “Submit 2019-2020 Student Information Verification...” button (see example below). Once submitted you will receive an email confirmation from “skywardadmin@eanesisd.net”.

SIV Submit


IMPORTANT: The Student Information Verification process will not be final unless:

  • Each step is completed;
  • You click the “Submit 2019-2020 Student Information Verification for Currently Enrolled Students” button, AND
  • You receive an email confirmation that your process has been completed.

Edit submitted information
You may make changes to your information at any point before the deadline, March 15, 2019. Click “Mark Student Information Verification as not completed and make changes” to go back into the verification process and make any edits you need to. After you have completed your edits you will need to submit it again.