Eanes ISD

Residency Requirements

2019-20 School Year Residency Requirements

Eanes ISD requires legal proof of residency for all current families of students transitioning into both 6th- and 9th-grades. This is a mandatory step to confirm and complete the student’s enrollment for the upcoming school year. School districts throughout the greater Austin area routinely require resident families to verify where a student lives every day to ensure only those who legally reside full-time within the school district boundaries have access to Eanes ISD’s excellent educational resources provided by local tax revenues (unless an out-of-district family has formerly applied for transfer status).

Eanes ISD will provide simple in-person opportunities to submit original legal documentation verifying current residency BEFORE the 2019-20 school year begins. Remember, this is only for resident families of current 5th- and 8th-Graders.

Please attend one of the convenient walk-in opportunities located at each elementary and middle school during the month of April. You do not have to go to your child's home school to verify residency if the designated days there are not convenient for your schedule. Residency verification can be completed at any campus. HOWEVER, residency verification is mandatory for all current 5th- and 8th-Grade resident students and must be completed before the end of April to confirm your child's enrollment for the 2019-20 school year.

These are the available schools, dates and times:

  • April 1-2: Bridge Point Elementary 7am-3pm
  • April 3-4: Eanes Elementary 7am-3pm
  • April 8-9: Forest Trail Elementary 7am-3pm
  • April 10-11: Valley View Elementary 7am-3pm
  • April 15-16: Cedar Creek Elementary 7am-3pm
  • April 17-18: Barton Creek Elementary 7am-3pm
  • April 22-23: Hill Country Middle School 8am-4pm
  • April 24-25: West Ridge Middle School 8am-4pm

Information required for residency verification: 2 Proofs of Residency

  1. Current signed lease with ALL occupants listed (including student), deed or contract, mortgage statement or most recent tax receipt AND
  2. Current utility for the property in the parent/guardian’s name (electric, gas or homeowners/renters insurance)

If residing with another family in Eanes ISD, the following is additionally required:

  • Affidavit of Residency completed by BOTH the guardian and the homeowner, signed and notarized in the presence of an Eanes ISD Notary Public. Affidavits of Residency must be completed at Central Administration located at 601 Camp Craft Road. Affidavits are only valid for one school year and need to be re-signed each year in front of a notary at Central Administration by both parties.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to provide the required proof of residency may result in withholding of class placements or schedules for all students in the family until the household information is verified. Participation in extra-curricular activities in August may also be withheld until residency verification is completed.

This requirement does not apply to out-of-district transfer students or Eanes ISD employee transfer students. These groups are reviewed separately under additional guidelines.

Please direct questions to Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jeff Arnett, jarnett@eanesisd.net or (512) 732-9020.