Eanes ISD


Attendance Notifications are made for the safety of your child. Attendance notifications are sent by phone, email and/or text message when your student is marked absent from school. If you know your child will be absent from school because he/she is home sick or has an appointment for the day, please notify the school using the following methods:

Elementary: Please log in to the Smart Tag Parent Portal to document the absence. Eanes ISD will not accept phone calls to document an absence. Do not email the registrar.

Middle and High School: Eanes ISD will not accept phone calls to clear an absence. We must have written documentation, preferably by email, regarding absences. If you are unable to send an email please send a written note with your child upon their return. See email list below.


Change notification preferences

To Set your Notification Preferences

Sign into Family Access, click on the Skylert link and set preferences for the Attendance column.

Family Access:https://www.eanesisd.net/familyaccess

Notification Times

Notification times vary by school and depending on the call volume may run for several hours after the initial time. Notification start times are as follows:

Email Contacts

Email the attendance email address for your child's school:

Hill Country MS - hcmsattendance@eanesisd.net

West Ridge MS - wrmsattendance@eanesisd.net

Westlake HS - whsattendance@eanesisd.net