Eanes ISD

Non Campus EANESpiration Winners, 2017

Non Campus Eanspiration Winners

Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Jenny Aghamalian
With so much to celebrate, Jenny Aghamalian, chaired the EEF 25th Anniversary Silver Celebration Gala with poise and grace -- and oh, what a night it was! Jenny and her talented committee brought our Westlake community together for the district's most successful fundraising event in EISD history. Sparkles, flash mobs, celebratory toasts, and flutterfetti were the theme of the evening. The generous outpouring by our families and community businesses resulted in $660,000 net proceeds -- enough to fund over 13 teachers in just one night! It was a beautiful evening to celebrate 25 years of commitment to our exemplary schools and exceptional teachers and staff. #sparklesquad

Simms Browning
During the 25th year of EEF, Simms Browning stepped in to the role as President with passion and drive. Simms is affectionately known as the Mayor of Westlake and you can find him in his well-known tutu driving up enthusiasm for the mission of EEF. He has been a part of the EEF Board since 2014 and this year led us as we raised an unprecedented $2.5 million to the district. We feel lucky to have had Simms Browning as our President and we know that the impact he has had on the teachers and students in our district will be felt for years to come.

Carrie Wilkin
Carrie Wilkin led an army of approximately 100 volunteers for The Teacher Fund, which is EEF's Annual Giving Campaign and signature fundraiser. The entire community and all nine campuses were challenged to Give the Gift of Teachers in honor of EEF's 25th Anniversary Celebration. The anniversary theme included back-to-school presentations, multiple parties throughout the community, numerous promotions and contests on all nine campuses, a Tailgate and a successful Donation Day. The fundraising contests culminated with each good-natured Principal getting a cake in their face from the winning grade of each campus. Carrie's hard work and commitment resulted in another record-breaking year of $1.4 million for the district, enough to fund 28 teachers!

Iris Petru
Iris is our District Physical Therapist. She works with our students that require the most physical assistance. In her role, she is always positive, encouraging and forward thinking in her approaches. She is great at communicating strategies to help us to keep our students safe and assist them with their physical needs. She is so knowledgeable and has a great way of communicating with teachers, parents and students. Iris loves the kiddos and it is obvious. She is patient and kind and forms a deep relationship with each of the students she helps. Iris will go out of her way to not only make sure the student's needs are met, but she will also check on parents to make sure they feel comfortable and even further, she ensures that teachers are feeling supported. We love you "Ms. Iris!"

Jan Noonan
Jan has a long history of supporting school staff, families, and students within Eanes ISD. She has served as a teacher and is currently serving as a Special Education Coordinator across 3 campuses and is on the Special Education Administration team. Jan regularly goes above and beyond for those she supports. Staff members reach out to her with questions, concerns, and needs on a continual basis even during her own personal hours. Regardless of how busy she may be or how thinly she is stretched across her many campuses, she treats each request in a supportive and helpful manner. Jan oftentimes deals with sticky, complicated situations and handles those with professionalism and grace, always making the student the priority. Her compassion, sense of humor, and kind smile are great additions to our school environments.

Innovation Award

Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, or cost-savings. We'll have Molly stay up here to read about Sarah.

Sarah Ofczarzak
Sarah commits everything she has to bringing research-based instructional tools and strategies to aid Special Education staff around the district. She is friendly, supportive, approachable and knowledgeable; all the attributes one would want in an Instructional Partner! If she doesn't have an answer to a unique question, she is quick to research potential resources and get back to you. Sarah remains student-centered and committed to quality as she works to bring innovative and cost efficient resources to teachers.

Brian Bolek
Brian always has a smile and a kind word for everyone, and he makes it feel like it is his pleasure to help you. This year, Brian took a leadership role and ultimate responsibility for implementing the new law around cameras in special education classrooms. He took on the challenge immediately, found the best solution for the district and ensured requests were met in a timely manner and that all stakeholders were kept in the loop. He followed through on every step with precision and accuracy. When a difficult task was put upon him, he handled it beautifully and professionally. We are incredibly grateful for his ingenuity and hard work!

Good Samaritan Award

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage.

Martha Jones
Martha is a hard worker, kind and so eager to help, but more impressive is her way of brightening up your day! Martha has been a life saver for many departments, assisting through staff changes and increased responsibilities. She is willing to step in and take on any task that needs completion. Martha helped the HR department during a busy hiring season, and also organized hundreds of transfer student applications so that all electronic applications are consolidated for review. Often Martha works at the receptionist's desk, where she is a friendly face to everyone who visits. If you ask Martha how she is, her response is "always hopeful", which is indicative of her sparkling personality and enthusiastic work ethic. We love you, Martha!

Judi Kimler
As the gatekeeper of the main phone line into the district, one can hear some pretty odd calls. No matter the call, Judi is always personable and compassionate in dealing with the situation. From panicked parents to overzealous vendors and everything in between, she calmly and professionally handles everything. She always goes the extra step to get the phone call to the right person the first time, so that the situation is not escalated. Judi is also the first person visitors see when they enter the admin building, and her smiling face and welcoming personality are crucial first impressions that then make everyone else's job easier. Thank you, Judi, for all you do, for everything that is above and beyond your job description, and for doing it all with a smile.

Educational Impact

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Kimberly Jones
Kimberly truly exemplifies what a leader should be. Her days are busy but you wouldn't know it as she makes every student feel like their time with her is important. Our students eagerly await their speech sessions and return with a sense of accomplishment. This year, she took a challenge head-on, asking staff questions about what worked or didn't work in the past, specifics on the student, and Kimberly also asked what supports she could provide to fellow teachers working with the student. Based on this information, she created a communication device tailored to the student. Whenever a staff member made a suggestion regarding the device, Ms. Jones was quick to make adjustments or discuss what could be done to modify the process. Her dedication and passion for what she does is seen every day in her positive demeanor and quiet, guiding presence and we are all inspired by her efforts.

Tim Yenca
Tim has gone above and beyond his job duties to not only successfully organize the deployment of MacBooks across the district but also spent his free time coordinating multiple iLeap Academies for both external and internal staff. These initiatives are having an extremely positive impact on the integration of technology in our district. He has stepped in for Ed Techs when they are out and helped coordinate the district-wide iPad Desmos testing. He continues to look for innovative ways for teachers and students to use their devices and has specifically made great progress working with science teachers around the district to identify creative ways to integrate technology into their classrooms. Tim makes a tremendous impact on students and staff and we are so thankful for his dedication and effort!