Eanes ISD

Important Transportation Information for Transfer Families

The Eanes ISD Board of Trustees has a long-standing policy (FDA Local) that indicates out-of-district transfer students are not eligible to receive transportation to and from their assigned school. The policy has been in place for many years and was renewed in 2015. The annual transfer application, which all parents must complete, also specifically states "I understand that transportation to the requested school is my responsibility." For most transfer students, transportation has never been a consideration; for other families, exceptions were evidently allowed if space on a particular bus was available. Unfortunately, that will no longer be possible beginning this school year.

Traffic congestion in the greater Austin area is obvious. As a result, the school district's transportation staff makes every effort to improve the timeliness of its bus routes. Picking up additional students detracts from the efficiency of these services, especially when space is no longer available on a bus. Due to increasing resident ridership and consolidation of routes, most Eanes ISD buses are expected to be at or near capacity this school year.

In addition, the introduction of a new SmartTag badging system this fall will immediately notify a driver when a student attempts to board who is not assigned to that route. Applying the established policy that disallows transportation of out-of-district transfer students is the result of these collective efforts to improve the security and cost-effectiveness of bus transportation.

We apologize for the late notice, but we are just now learning of some families' expectation; however, we must adhere to the school district's policy, effective this school year. We understand some families may have assumed exceptions to the transfer transportation restriction might still be made. Regrettably, due to increasing resident ridership, out-of-district transfer students can no longer be accommodated with bus transportation beginning this school year.