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Board Highlights: School Safety Health Advisory Committee updates, enrollment update, re-purposing the 2015 Bond Oversight Committee and more!

Board of Trustees Highlights
An Update from the Eanes ISD Board of Trustees
Superintendent's Report

Summer has begun and while students are gone, the work moves forward. Our Board of Trustees continue discussions on operational planning, enrollment, community engagement and more.

In June, the Board heard reports on several topics including an update from the School Safety Health Advisory Committee, an enrollment update, a proposal to re-purpose the 2015 Bond Oversight Committee and other topics. The Board also adopted the 2018-19 budget.

See a synopsis of the June meetings below. Note we will take July off for Board meetings but will pick back up August 14. The full Board agenda packets are online.
Board Adopts 2018-19 Budget

The Board adopted the 2018-19 budget with the following assumptions:
  • 8.041 students
  • TAV growth of 5.6%
  • M&O tax rate of $1.06 (unchanged)
  • EEF contribution of $2.5 million
  • Salary increase of 2%
The anticipated amount of Recapture (Robin Hood) drawn from next year's budget is $101.8 million, almost 64% of the entire budget.

See budget presentation.
See 2018-19 budget.
School Safety Health Advisory Committee Report

Parents and staff on the District's School Safety Health Advisory Committee, or SSHAC, presented an annual report to Trustees. The group focused on developing the District Wellness Plan, worked with campus safety staff and nurses, and more.

See SSHAC Report.

Parent Climate Survey Results Presented

At the June 5th meeting, the Board reviewed and discussed results from the Parent Climate Survey administered in February of 2018. The survey provided 2,606 parents a voice in improving the educational climate on campuses. Results from the parent and staff surveys will provide the opportunity for campus and district staff to evaluate, discuss and work on areas needing improvement.

See Climate Survey presentation.
See Climate Survey summary.
See District and campus results.
Bond Oversight Committee Re-Purposed

The Board heard a recommendation to re-purpose the existing Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) to an advisory committee for a potential 2019 bond. The 2015 BOC bylaws include a provision to sunset the committee when 90 percent of the bond has been spent. The committee's role will now:
  1. Vet the necessity and desirability of potential projects;
  2. Prioritize projects in the event some might need to be removed for cost reasons; and,
  3. Determine how best to present projects to provide public transparency and oversight guidance for a future BOC.
See BOC re-purpose memo.
Envision Eanes Formation Approved

The Board continued discussions about Envision Eanes, a district-wide committee focused on medium- and long-term goals, strategic planning and the possibility of future bonds. The Board finalized the committee's charter, charge and application for prospective members as well as a potential timeline with a launch in the late fall of 2018.

See Envision Eanes charter.

Dr. Leonard reported state championships for Westlake High School in Doubles Tennis, Boys Golf and Girls Golf. The Boys Golf team earned its second consecutive state championship, while Roger Chou earned his second consecutive state title, winning an individual medal in 2016-17 and the doubles win with Cyrus Sabharwal this year.

He also reported Westlake stands in third place for the UIL Lone Star Cup, which recognizes six high schools (one in each of the six UIL conferences) based on their overall team achievement in a variety of sanctioned academic, athletic, and music championships.
Future Meetings
The next study session is August 14 (6pm open session) and the regular meeting is August 28 (7pm open session).
Always check www.eanesisd.net/board/cal for the most up-to-date schedule. To see agenda items, listen to meeting audio, or access board policy, please visit www.eanesisd.net/board.
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