Eanes ISD

Third Grade ELA Connections

Overview of Phonics and Word Study in Eanes ISD

Introduction from: The Continuum of Literacy Learning, Gay Su Pinnell and Irene Fountas, pgs. 211-216
Phonics and Word Study Continuum

This continuum of learning for phonics, spelling, and word study is derived from lessons we have previously published (Fountas and Pinnell, Heinemann, 2003, Fountas and Pinnell, Heinemann, 2004). These lessons are based on a detailed continuum specifying principles that learners develop over time. In this book, we present these same understandings in two different ways: as a grade-bygrade continuum and as word work in guided reading. All of the principles are based on the six areas of learning that are appropriate for grades PreK-8 and that we have previously described and summarize here.

Grade-by-Grade Continuum –also aligned with TEKS

The grade-by-grade phonics, spelling, and word study continuum presents a general guide to the kinds of understandings students will need to acquire by the end of each grade. These understandings are related to the texts that they are expected to read at the appropriate levels. In presenting this grade-by-grade continuum, we are not suggesting that students should be held back because they do not know specific details about letters, sounds, and words. Instead, we are suggesting that specific teaching will be needed to support learners. The continuum can support instruction and extra services.

Word Work for Guided Reading-continuum aligned with DRA levels

The guided reading continuum contains additional information about phonics, spelling, and word study. Here we have selected principles that have good potential for the word work teachers include within guided reading at a particular text level. At the end of a guided reading lesson, consider including a few minutes of work with letters or words to help readers develop fluency and flexibility in taking words apart. You may demonstrate a principle on chart paper or a white board. Students may write on individual white boards or use magnetic letters to make words and take them apart. The principles in guided reading are stated in terms of the actions teachers may take, but remember they are selected from a larger set. Evaluate them against assessment of your own students and visit the grade-by-grade learning continuum for more goals.

Six Areas of Learning-described in each grade level page