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Eanes ISD

Kindergarten Mathematics TEKS


The following links will take you to your grade level TEKS. They are formatted so you can easily copy and paste them into lesson plans or other documents.

For grades 3-5, you will notice we tagged each standard as Readiness or Supporting. We also tagged the reporting category (RC) to which each standard belongs.

SE Tree Diagrams - The Readiness standards for each grade level are broken down into tree diagrams to help teachers and administrators understand the full expectations of each standard. Please note: the Readiness standards for grades K-2 are Lead4Ward's designation based upon input they have received from Texas math teachers, not because of any endorsement by TEA.

Vertical Alignment Charts

The following links will take you to vertical alignment charts which show the progression of concepts across grade levels.

The Lead4ward TEKS Scaffolds provide vertical alignment that allows teachers to drill backward to see which previous TEKS build up to current grade level TEKS. These documents are useful for planning targeted instruction that supports struggling students in tier 1 and 2 intervention.

Supporting Information Documents

When applicable, we have included the information from these documents into the TEKS Specificity documents that are linked on every unit timeline. If you don't want to hunt around for the information yourself, we recommend reading the vertical alignment page of each TEKS Specificity document as you plan each unit.

Revised Math TEKS Online Courses

TEA has released online professional development courses to support teachers in understanding and teaching the revised math TEKS. These courses are self-paced and each one offers 3 hours of CPE credit.

Teacher2Teacher Math Videos

The TEA is producing a math video series featuring key topics in mathematics instruction. This link will take you to the main page where you can see which videos are available. (You'll need to scroll down in order to get to the list of videos on that page.) Their goal is to add new videos throughout the year. Current videos about elementary math TEKS include:

  • Adding and Subtracting Techniques
    • Addition and Subtraction Grades K-1
    • Addition and Subtraction Grade 2
    • Addition and Subtraction Grade 3
  • Measurement
    • Building to Measurement with a Ruler
    • Measurement: Converting Units
  • Fraction Division
    • Fraction Division - This video does go into middle school TEKS, but it starts with an overview of teaching the 5th grade fraction division TEKS.
  • Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers
    • Addition and Subtraction of Fractions Grade 4
    • Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers Grades 5-7