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Eanes ISD

Kindergarten Mathematics Assessments

Quarterly Expectations

Use the links below to view and print activities for each quarter's common assessments. You can keep track of individual student data using the Kindergarten Student Expectations Recording Sheet. You may print this document, or click the link, then tap FILE and MAKE A COPY to make an editable digital copy. This recording sheet includes requirements for "meets expectations" on each assessment activity.

*Starred assessments below are oral assessments and included on the Recording Shee
Please see the Scope & Sequence for full curriculum requirements.

Rote count forward 0-10*

Count objects 0-10*

Read Numbers 0-10 English / Spanish

Write Numbers 0-10 English / Spanish

Create 2D shapes English / Spanish


Rote count forward 0-20*

Rote count backwards 10-0*

Count objects 0-20*

Read numbers 0-20 English / Spanish

Write numbers 0-20 English / Spanish

Generate a set & use comparative language*


Addition & Subtraction English / Spanish

Addition Word Problems English / Spanish

Classify & Sort 2D and 3D Shapes English / Spanish

Compose & Decompose Numbers English / Spanish

Solid Shapes (3D) English

Subtraction Word Problems English / Spanish


Graphing Data English / Spanish

Identify US Coins English

Measurement English / Spanish

Wants & Needs English / Spanish

You can keep track of class data using the Kindergarten Quarterly Checklists. You may print the PDFs or download the Word documents and open them in Microsoft Word.

  • Q1 Kindergarten Quarterly Checklist

PDF Word Doc

  • Q2 Kindergarten Quarterly Checklist

PDF Word Doc

  • Q3 Kindergarten Quarterly Checklist

PDF Word Doc

  • Q4 Kindergarten Quarterly Checklist

PDF Word Doc