Eanes ISD

Important Message about School Operations

A message from Eanes ISD Superintendent of Schools
Important Message On School Operations

Parents, Guardians & Staff,

I apologize for interrupting your spring break, but I have some important news to share. As we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving Coronavirus pandemic, we are prepared for the reality it is not “if,” but “when” the Coronavirus will force us to close schools. At this time, hundreds of schools across the state have closed as a precaution. The Texas Education Agency and countless companies around the area are instructing their staff to work remotely.

To slow the spread of the virus and safeguard the well-being of our students and staff, Eanes ISD is suspending normal operations Monday, March 23 through Sunday, April 5. Students and staff should not return to campuses until they are notified. During this two-week period, all Eanes ISD facilities will be closed for instruction and all other functions until further notice, including UIL events, athletics, rentals, field trips, after-school programs, childcare and other campus activities.

Saturday, the Board of Trustees held an emergency meeting to take important actions to help the District continue operations during the closure. The Board delegated me the authority to make decisions for the benefit of staff and students, including:

  • Making sure all employees continue to be paid during closure; 
  • Signing any state waivers necessary for student attendance, state testing and food service for eligible students; and 
  • Engaging outside resources to get our schools ready to re-open, including deep cleaning.

This closure provides time to assess the situation, respond to ever-changing developments and evaluate the approach for the coming weeks.

I hope these actions will instill calm and confidence, thus alleviating some of the anxieties families have felt concerning the health of their children attending school. We will continue to coordinate with our city, county and state officials, as well as other school districts, and we will reassess and communicate any further information by April 2 at 5pm.

I want to particularly reassure my staff; we will get through this challenging situation. I realize there may be stress or anxiety with a closure, but know we will continue payroll and benefits without disruption. Also, despite the days missed, it is likely our academic year will still end at the same time as scheduled, with state officials hopefully issuing a waiver that excuses all Texas school districts from making up days missed.

Over the next several days, we will send additional information on our plans to navigate a new world of providing education and resources to our students remotely. In the meantime, please enjoy your spring break and take care of your health. Please continue to monitor our website for further information and updates, www.eanesisd.net/coronavirus.

Thank you and be well.


Tom Leonard

Dr. Tom Leonard
Superintendent of Schools