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Eanes Around the World

Eanes ISD is launching an "Eanes Around the World" community initiative to spread the message of kindness far and wide. We will challenge our students, staff, parents and community to symbolically spread the “Eanes Spirit of Kindness” to all 50 states and all seven continents.

From big cities to remote forests, we will document the progress by uploading photos our community takes while holding a digital “Eanes Around the World” image. It may take decades to get photos of our community members to travel to all 50 states and seven continents. That is okay because spreading our spirit of kindness matters more than the speed it takes to do so.

We will release the digital global map after the winter break. In the meantime, we encourage our community, beginning December 21, to submit photos of yourselves with friends or family – along with our digital "Eanes Around the World" image – for incorporation into the map. Whether a photo from Mount Bonnell in Austin or Mount Everest in the Himalayas, it does not matter; what matters is spreading the spirit of kindness, as long as your trip takes place after December 21.

Submit photos to photos@eanesisd.net

Please make sure to include your name (if you are willing), place and date picture was taken.

Ready, set, pose!

Click below for a full-screen digital "Eanes Around the World" image. For quick and easy access, save the image to your phone so it is ready to use, even if you do not have phone service!

Eanes Around the World