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Eanes ISD

Spanish Immersion Application Process

2024-25 School Year

2024-25 School Year Enrollment

Spanish immersion and transfer applications for the 2024-25 school year closed March 22, 2024 @ 3PM. 

1st-5th Grade

The current Spanish Immersion (SI) model for incoming 1st through 5th grade is the 50/50 model (50% taught in Spanish, 50% taught in English). Learn more about the Eanes ISD 50/50 model.

New families wanting to enroll their child in the Spanish Immersion program in 1st through 5th grades must pass a grade-level proficiency test. Parents may request enrollment at Barton Creek Elementary (BCE), Bridge Point Elementary (BPE), Cedar Creek Elementary (CCE) or Eanes Elementary (EE). Seats will be offered based on available space. 

Resident students will be tested and seated within a few weeks of completing Student Information Verification or New Student Online Enrollment. Transfer students will be tested once their transfer application is reviewed and accepted. 

There is no specific preparation for the proficiency test. The goal of the assessment is to ensure students can be successful in the program. Test results will be provided to parents within two to three days of testing. Learn more about proficiency.


Beginning in 2024-25, the Spanish Immersion model for incoming Kindergarten will be a 90/10 model (90% taught in Spanish, 10% taught in English). For families considering entering the Spanish Immersion program, an informational meeting will be held Feb. 15, 2024, at 5:30pm at Valley View Elementary (VVE), located at 1201 S. Capital of Texas Highway. For any parents who are unable to attend the meeting, an informational video will be available online.

Parents wishing to enroll their kindergarten student in the Spanish Immersion program for the 2024-25 school year must complete the New Student Online Enrollment process as well as an application indicating interest in placement into the program. Spanish Immersion is an enrichment program and space is limited. See below for Kindergarten SI availability.  

Barton Creek ES - 22 seats
Bridge Point ES - 22 seats
Cedar Creek ES - 22 seats
Eanes ES - 22 seats
Valley View Elementary - 44  seats

Prioritization for Placement

Due to space limitations, Eanes ISD will utilize a prioritization system for SI placement.

  • First priority: Resident, zoned students with siblings in the Spanish Immersion (SI) program. Entering kindergarten students from VVE and Forest Trail Elementary (FTE) with siblings at BCE, BPE, CCE and EE are in this category.
  • Second priority: Resident, zoned students. FTE students with no siblings in the SI program will be considered in this category for seating at VVE. 
  • Third priority: Employee students with siblings in the SI program.
  • Fourth priority: Employee students without siblings in the SI program.
  • Fifth priority: In-district transfer students with siblings in the SI program.
  • Sixth priority: Out-of-district transfer students with siblings in the SI program.
  • Seventh priority: Out-of-district transfers with no siblings in the SI program.

Prioritization will be considered for any scenario not listed above.

Because VVE and FTE have not offered Spanish Immersion for the first six years of the program, as long as a VVE or FTE student has a sibling at BCE, BPE, CCE and EE, they will be considered in the first priority for the school the sibling attends. However, if there is no current sibling enrolled, those students will be prioritized at VVE. 

Space limitations for the SI program may necessitate a lottery system. In such a case, the district will use a software program to conduct the lottery according to the abovementioned priority levels. 

In all cases, from the time a parent is notified of an available seat in the SI program, the parent will have one week to confirm acceptance of that seat with the school district. Parents will be notified via preferred email address(es) they provide in the completed application.