Eanes ISD

Instructional Model

The EISD Spanish Immersion Program is a one-way immersion program which serves a student population of predominantly native English (L1) speakers with no proficiency in the second language (L2) which in this case is Spanish. At the elementary level, instruction in both languages is built upon a fifty-fifty model meaning approximately fifty-percent of core subject instruction is in Spanish and fifty-percent is in English. Other subjects, such as art, music and physical education, are primarily taught in English. Students in Futuro interact with children in other classrooms during these special subjects as well as lunch, recess and extracurricular activities.
K-3rd Grades
At the selected schools, there are currently two classrooms of students enrolled in Spanish immersion at each grade level. The target enrollment is typically 22 students in each classroom. The immersion program is co-taught by two teachers. One teacher offers math science instruction entirely in Spanish, while the other offers English/language arts and social studies instruction entirely in English. Students move between the two classrooms throughout the school day with Spanish literacy taking place in the Spanish classroom and English reinforcement of math and science concepts in the English one.  The teachers work closely together both on their campuses and across the district to assure students share guaranteed experiences across the program and as EISD elementary students.  

K-3 Grade Instructional Model


4th and 5th Grades
As fourth and fifth grades are added to the program, there will be a shift in the content areas taught in the target language of Spanish.  Most conceptual instruction in math and science will be in English with reinforcement in Spanish while the literacy block will include Spanish, social studies and English/language arts.  This model provides opportunities for students to participate in literacy development of reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking in both languages while studying both Texas and United States History.  The Spanish language rich background of Texas history will support that transition.  Also, students in varied levels of math will be able to interact with their peers in English.

4th Grade Instructional Model


5th Grade Instructional Model


Secondary Instructional Flow
As the Futuro students move into middle and high school, Eanes ISD has projected a possible plan for instruction.  The students who continue in the program at middle school after having earned Spanish I credit in elementary could move into Spanish 2 designed for the immersion students. From Spanish 2 in 6th grade students could progress through Spanish 4 AP or Cultural Spanish 4 by 8th grade.  Either path will result in the Texas Seal of Biliteracy at the end of 8th grade.  In addition to the Spanish class, social studies at each grade level could be offered in Spanish with an emphasis on Spanish historical and cultural content while addressing the social studies TEKS. World Cultures and Geography in 6th grade could provide students a global perspective, and as in 4th grade, Texas history in 7th grade is rich in Spanish language and culture.  US History to 1877 in 8th grade likewise reflects the impact of Spain and Spanish cultures as well as other many other countries; the course in Spanish could flow from the broader view of US history in 5th grade also taught in Spanish.  

Once the students reach high school, students may choose a variety of paths.  Some may want to continue with college credit through Spanish AP or dual enrollment.  Other students may want to become multilingual using high school to develop a background in other languages offered at Westlake High School:  American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, and Latin.

Spanish Immersion Outcomes