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Frequently asked questions for the Spanish Language Immersion Pilot Program.

Is Futuro a dual language program, a bilingual program or a Languages Other Than English (LOTE) program? What are the differences under Texas law?

Futuro is a dual language immersion program. Dual language immersion is an educational approach in which students learn two languages in an instructional setting that integrates subject content presented in English and another language. The program is based on instruction that adds to the student's first language. Under Texas law, the implementation of a dual language immersion program model is optional. In a dual language immersion program as presented in Eanes ISD, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) that are being taught are the TEKS for the appropriate grade level (e.g., kindergarten or first grade), not the TEKS for Spanish. The Futuro program is governed by Board Policy EHBE and 19 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 89.

This program is different than a required bilingual program, whereby a school district must offer a bilingual education or English as a second language program if a certain number of English language learners with the same home or native language are enrolled in a particular grade. The focus of a required bilingual program is for students to learn English while also being taught grade level TEKS in both languages.

This program is also different than Languages other than English (LOTE) classes, in which students learn the TEKS for a foreign language.

How will Spanish be taught to the students?

Students will be immersed in the Spanish language while learning the core content areas of math, science and social studies. Students will also study Spanish during a target language literacy time.

Will students learn to read and write in Spanish?

Students will practice literacy skills in both Spanish and English.

Will students have homework in Spanish or English?

Typically, kindergarten students are not assigned homework, but books in both languages may be sent home for additional reading practice.

Will students be tested in Spanish or English?

All students will be assessed according to district benchmarks in English. Students in the Spanish Immersion program will take additional assessments to monitor Spanish language acquisition.

Will the students go to Essential Areas (art, music and PE)?


What credentials will the Spanish-speaking teacher hold?

● Appropriate state teaching certification
● Passing standards on a Language Proficiency Assessment
● Classroom teaching experience preferred
● Language immersion experience preferred

Will the students in the program have opportunities to interact with other children in their grade who are not enrolled in the immersion program?

Yes, students in the immersion program will be able to interact with other students in their grade level during recess, specials, field trips and other school events.

How do I sign up my child?

An online application will be available on the district website.

What if I do NOT want my child in the immersion program?

This is a choice program. Parents do not need to complete an application unless they desire to do so.

What type of instruction will students who are NOT in the immersion program receive?

All kindergarten students will learn the Texas TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and the Eanes District Guaranteed Viable Curriculum regardless of placement.

What if there are more applications than available openings?

Student placement in the program will be based on a first-come, first-served basis for children who reside in the attendance area. In each grade level, the first 44 families to apply for the program will be admitted, assuming all criteria in the application are met. If the 44 available spots are not filled by resident students, other students may be eligible according to time and date of application as well as the stated criteria.

What if there are too few applications? Will the program dissolve?

Due to the feedback we have already received, we do not anticipate lack of interest or enrollment in the program.

Is bus transportation provided if a child transfers from a different school to one offering Spanish immersion?

No, the school district does not provide bus transportation for transfer students, even for those enrolled in the Spanish immersion program. Parents are responsible for providing their own transportation when transferring from one Eanes ISD school to another.