Eanes ISD

Spanish Language Immersion

Children enrolled in Spanish Immersion at Barton Creek, Bridge Point, Cedar Creek and Eanes elementary schools receive math and science instruction in Spanish and English/language arts and social studies instruction in English. Approximately 50-percent of core subject instruction is in Spanish and 50-percent is in English. Other subjects, such as art, music and physical education, are primarily taught in English. Students in Futuro interact with children in other classrooms during these special subjects as well as lunch, recess and extracurricular activities.

At the selected schools, there are currently two classrooms of students enrolled in Spanish immersion at each grade level. The target enrollment is typically 22 students in each classroom. The immersion program is co-taught by two teachers. One teacher offers instruction entirely in Spanish, while the other offers instruction entirely in English. Students move between these two primary classrooms throughout the school day.

The program begins in kindergarten and continues through fifth-grade at the four elementary schools, eventually extending into middle school. Families who enroll a student in Futuro must commit to the program for its entirety from the child's entry point through fifth-grade to receive the full benefit and continuity of language immersion across the elementary grades.