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Leadership Development Coordinator
The Institute for Excellence

The Institute for Excellence is a leadership academy for campus-based professional staff members of Eanes ISD. The leadership academy strives to cultivate classroom, campus and district leaders and expand a culture of innovation and excellence in Eanes ISD.

Members of the Institute participate in an initial retreat followed by monthly seminars with instruction from guest speakers, district faculty and professional mentors. Activities include:

  • ★ Readings, reflections and discussions
  • ★ Projects, problem-solving and experiential learning
  • ★ Personal strengths coaching and professional goal setting


  • Teresa Bowerman
  • Annie Boyer
  • Mindy Choate
  • Brad Corbett
  • Melinda Darrow
  • Adriane Dorsey
  • Makram El-Hassan
  • Katie Hensle
  • Nadine Herbst
  • Lisa Palmer
  • Valerie Taylor


The Institute for Excellence is designed to:

  • Attract and retain valuable employees
  • Create employees who deeply understand themselves and the organizational culture
  • Cultivate classroom, campus and department leaders
  • Expand a culture of innovation

Participants will be provided with opportunities to:

  • Become the best version of themselves
  • Discover new and creative solutions to problems and/or needs in their work environment
  • Increase personal satisfaction with job responsibilities
  • Network and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders in EISD
  • Apply new learnings of the Institute to positively impact the school district

About the Academy


  • Identity and purpose
  • Vision
  • Communication, collaboration and conflict resolution
  • Networking and presenting
  • Leading and motivating
  • Self-discipline and intention
  • Struggle and resilience
  • Stress management
  • Culture
  • Innovation
  • Current events in education
  • Legal processes, rights and standards in education


  • Annual cohorts, running from September thru June
  • 1.5 day retreat in mid-September
  • Required seminars one Wednesday evening each month, ending with two meetings in June
  • Participation in a project related to the Eanes ISD District Strategic Plan (bulk of the work completed outside of the monthly seminars)
  • Mentoring with a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.


  • Julie Carmona
  • Kim Fromberg
  • Flo Gonzalez
  • Corey Green
  • Chris Hanson
  • Lindsay Hense
  • Carley Leavitt
  • Alex Merritt
  • Amy Puga
  • Alena Sapp
  • Aimee Smith
  • Yareli Williams

Participant Information


  • Members will participate in a 10-month leadership academy provided at no cost.
  • An opportunity to earn a $1,000 annual stipend for two years upon completion of program.

Members of the Institute for Excellence are:

  • Highly engaged, innovative, motivated and responsive
  • Committed to personal development and professional growth
  • Interested in pursuing classroom, campus or district leadership roles in the future
  • Great ambassadors of Eanes ISD

Participants will:

  • Be strongly committed to the Institute as demonstrated in attendance, preparation and participation in the discussion, activities and personal project.
  • Have a strong interest in growing their leadership skills, developing their careers and committing their best professional efforts to benefit their colleagues and improve the culture of their work environment.
  • Be exposed to new ways of thinking about themselves and ways to improve interactions and engagement among colleagues.
  • Work with a cohort of staff members from other campuses and departments to create a deeper understanding of the role of every employee in creating schools of innovation and excellence.
  • Attendance at 1.5 day retreat in mid-September and seminars one evening each month, ending with two meetings in June.


  • Open to emerging and established campus-based staff members interested in developing their leadership skills
  • Long-term professional goals include pursuing classroom, campus or district leadership roles
  • One or more years experience in their area of responsibility, including current year
  • Campus-based full-time professional employees


We will begin accepting applications for the 3rd Academy in the Spring of 2020.


  • Any interested full-time professional staff member may submit an application online in the spring of 2020.
  • All applications will be reviewed, and a select group of candidates will be interviewed during the month of April
  • Approximately 10 finalists will be selected to participate in the Institute for Excellence
  • Participants will be selected and notified by the middle of May

Generously supported by the 

Eanes Education Foundation