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The Institute for Excellence
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Congratulations to the new members of the 3rd Academy!

Anna Kilpatrick, CCE, Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Teacher
Ashley Favaron, WHS, Physics Teacher
Cassie Winter, HCMS, School Counselor
Holly Reid, CCE, Assistant Principal
Kit Sloan, HCMS, Educational Partner
Meg Green, BPE, 4th Grade Teacher
Nicki Kennington, EE, Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
Raven Reaves, FTE, Educational Partner
Shannon Hardiman, CCE, 2nd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher
Vanessa Holda, HCMS, Special Education Collaborative Teacher   

The Institute for Excellence is a leadership academy for campus-based professional staff members of Eanes ISD. The leadership academy strives to cultivate classroom, campus and district leaders and expand a culture of innovation and excellence in Eanes ISD.

Members of the Institute participate in an initial retreat followed by monthly seminars with instruction from guest speakers, district faculty and professional mentors. Activities include:

  • ★ Readings, reflections and discussions
  • ★ Projects, problem-solving and experiential learning
  • ★ Personal strengths coaching and professional goal setting

Watch this video to learn more:

The Institute for Excellence

Generously supported by the 

Eanes Education Foundation