Eanes ISD


Board Updates

In October, the Board heard reports on several topics including an update on the Digital Learning Task Force, the selection of the Envision Eanes committee, the review of potential bond category #2 (energy efficiency & conservation) and an update on the Special Education initiative. You will notice there are numerous opportunities for discussion and involvement; please participate as you are able.

Superintendent's Newsletters

Superintendent Message: I strongly believe in the Goldilocks Principle with regard to the world of technology.  Too much technology – Bad, too little technology – Bad, there needs to be just the right amount – both in and out of schools.  There needs to be a balance...

Superintendent Message: Conversations about school emergencies, and in particular school shootings, are not easy. While I do not enjoy these discussions, unfortunately, they are necessary. My hope is none of us will ever experience such a...