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Board Continues GPA Discussion at April 11 Meeting

The Eanes ISD Board will continue its discussion on potential changes to the District's GPA system at the April 11 meeting. The Board was presented an update at the March 7 meeting, where the GPA Focus Group proposed recommendations to identify changes that would lead to improved academic choices and reduce stress for students.

The newly-formed GPA Focus Group reviewed the prior committee's year-long study and conducted further analysis. The group discussed the previous recommendations which included academic stressors, advanced classes, non-weighted courses, the weighting of courses and graduation recognitions. They reflected on each of the recommendations to determine which would have the greatest impact on student course selections, school culture and student well-being.

The group included members of the original GPA committee, as well as classroom teachers, department heads, a counselor, the WHS principal and parent stakeholders. Thank you to the following for their time, input and study:

Diane Anderson, Parent
Berkeley Barnett, Student
Pat Betzner, Elective Representative
Kevin Fang, Student
Nadine Herbst, Math Dept. Chair
Kara Guess, Parent
Matthew Kearney, Student
Kristin Paull, Parent
Tom Leonard, Superintendent
Steve Ramsey, Principal
Jamie Richardson, former M.S. Counselor
Heidi Sauer, Counselor
Becky Stucky, ELA Dept. Chair
Isabella Zou, Student
Sheila Zhou, Parent
Todd Washburn, Associate Superintendent, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

After much discussion, the group drafted the following proposal that would go into effect for the Class of 2022, this year's 7th graders:

All students who take a course that is currently or has had Board approval for a Pre-AP or CTE weighted designation will receive a 5-point bonus for each course;

All students who take a course with an AP designation, as well as courses following an AP course, will receive a 10-point bonus for each course; and,

All students will be required to take an additional non-weighted class during their four years at WHS. This brings the total to three before the end of junior year, one during senior year, and one additional non-weighted course any time during their four years at Westlake High School (total of five non-weighted).

The April 11 study session begins open session at 6pm in the Central Administration building located at 601 Camp Craft Rd.

See GPA Focus Group's report


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