Eanes ISD

Boundary Map

This map is intended for general information only.  To determine the school district in which an address resides, complete a property search on the Travis County Central Appraisal District website and check the taxing jurisdiction.

Once you have determined the property is located in Eanes ISD boundaries, you can use the map below to determine what school in the district your child would attend.

If your address does not respond to a search, or your schools do not appear, please contact the registrar at the closest school to your residence. View campus contacts.

2019-20 School Year Boundaries

Beginning with the 2019-20 school year slight adjustment to the attendance boundaries between Eanes and Bridge Point elementary schools. Read more. 

View the 2019-20 School Year Boundary Map.


2018-19 School Year Boundaries

To search for your address, enter it into the Address Search Box at the top of the map below.  

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