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Eanes ISD

Graduate Profile

Desired Characteristics of an EANES ISD Graduate (WHEEL)

Well-Rounded Person
  • Appreciates and participates in the arts and humanities
  • Analyzes and adapts to changing environments
  • Participates in activities that promote teamwork, leadership, responsibility, respect, and physical and emotional fitness
  • Values cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Understands personal strengths and areas of growth
  • Displays realistic social and emotional self-awareness
  • Identifies goals and takes steps towards their achievement
  • Motivated to perform at your personal best
Healthy Individual
  • Maintains a healthy self-concept
  • Cultivates healthy habits and self-discipline
  • Accepts responsibility for personal choices, actions, and mistakes
  • Fosters resilience to recover and persevere in the face of setbacks
  • Applies personal skills to resist negative influences
  • Maintains life-long wellness
  • Cultivates contentment and balance
  • Adapts to change and challenges
Effective Communicator
  • Exchanges ideas and information through multiple forms of expression
  • Works collaboratively with persons of varied beliefs, interests and backgrounds to build consensus
  • Initiates and maintains healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Reads and responds to verbal and nonverbal social cues
  • Listens actively
Engaged Citizen
  • Respects self and others equally
  • Exhibits honest and ethical behavior
  • Demonstrates integrity
  • Exhibits conscientious leadership skills
  • Commits to serving the common good
  • Understands the interconnected nature of our global community
  • Respects differences
  • Contributes positively to the community and environment
Life-Long Learner
  • Thinks critically and creatively to solve problems effectively
  • Performs diligently and capably
  • Takes intellectual risks and is passionate about learning
  • Understands multiple paths for post- secondary achievement
  • Initiates and engages in learning
  • Masters a foundation in core academic areas for college success
  • Understands world issues and current events
  • Develops personal/academic/technical skill sets to adapt to change
  • Analyzes and evaluates information sources
Graduate Wheel