Eanes ISD

Mission & Goals

Mission : The Eanes community is vitally committed to educational excellence that prepares and inspires all students for life-long success by engaging each student in rigorous academic experiences and enriching opportunities.

2020-21 Board Priorities

A Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC) and Experience (GVE)
Student Support
Social Emotional Learning (Wellness)
Operations and long-range planning
Community Engagement

2020-21 Board Priorities and Administrative Goals


A Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC) and Experience (GVE)

  • Increase opportunities for interdisciplinary education
    • Focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking in all courses
    • Underscore clear expectations for disciplinary literacy
  • Transition Spanish immersion from a pilot to a fully integrated program while ensuring a Guaranteed Viable Experience for all students
  • Implement evidence-based practices that support access to curricula and social-emotional learning for all students through Universal Design for Learning
  • Emphasize thoughtful and developmentally appropriate uses of technology

Student Support

  • Improve multi-tiered systems of support
    • Reallocate staff and determine additional necessary support for essential student programs (e.g., RTI, GT, dyslexia, 504 plans, counseling)
    • Refine student support team processes
    • Expand systems to support the social-emotional and behavioral needs of all students
    • Apply evidence-based approaches, such as restorative practices and youth mental health first-aid
    • Reinforce social-emotional learning through the comprehensive school counseling curriculum and embedded instruction, as appropriate
  • Enhance Special Education
    • Review resources and staffing
    • Refine systems that augment instructional delivery models
    • Provide curricular resources, research-based instructional strategies and assessment tools that allow teaching math, reading and writing with fidelity to students who have unique learning needs and styles
    • Fulfill recommendations of the Special Education program review and Inclusive Culture Committee

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Wellness

  • Create opportunities for staff to access wellness programs and social-emotional resources for themselves
  • Focus on student wellness by using best practices, curricular resources and community partners to improve social-emotional development
  • Support the wellness of community members through education and resources that highlight social-emotional health

Operations and Long-Range Planning

  • Maintain a long-range plan for operational processes
    • Study potential budgeting and policy priorities for the next legislative session
    • Evaluate building utilization
    • Analyze demographic, enrollment and transfer data
  • Safeguard students, staff and resources by securing schools and cyber technologies
  • Develop budget priorities
    • Continue a multi-year strategic budgeting approach
    • Manage current capital projects and plan for possible future bonds
    • Explore collaborative fundraising and revenue generation strategies

Community Engagement

  • Enhance communication
    • Customize information for unique audiences (e.g., alumni, residents without students, business partners, etc.)
    • Ensure consistency, clarity and inclusivity of all messages
  • Connect with key constituencies
    • Increase opportunities for authentic engagement of parents, residents, community members and business partners
    • Foster dynamic relationships and a common culture to enrich student learning experiences and strengthen the community

Approved by the Eanes ISD Board of Trustees, Feb. 25, 2020