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Eanes ISD

Mission & Goals

Unite. Empower. Inspire...Every Person, Every Day.

We unite our community through respectful relationships, creating a sense of belonging for all. 
We empower students, providing an exemplary education that develops curiosity, creativity, and individual talents. 
We inspire each other to lead purposeful lives of empathy, gratitude, and compassion.

2021-22 Board Priorities

(1) Guaranteed Viable Curriculum
(2) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
(3) Student Support
(4) Social-Emotional Learning
(5) Community Engagement
(6) Operations and Long-Range Planning

2021-22 Board Priorities and Administrative Goals


A Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC)

  • Implement evidence-based practices that support instructional access for all students through Universal Design for Learning
  • Explore alternative learning opportunities at every level (e.g. blended learning, Career Technical Education and The [Westlake High School] Learning Center)
  • Increase opportunities to further student achievement and engagement through reading, writing, literacy, speaking, listening and critical thinking
  • Reinforce the thoughtful, developmentally appropriate use of technology
  • Provide professional learning for all staff in all areas and academic disciplines, as appropriate, to better serve students

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

  • Create a shared understanding of DEI through racial equity leadership training to build capacity and support sustainability
  • Assess, monitor and work to modify the climate to ensure inclusivity for all staff and students
  • Develop a system of equity-focused restorative justice in support of all learners
  • Engage the broader community in a shared responsibility for DEI
  • Embed, over time, the ongoing importance of DEI in curricula, instructional materials and resources
  • Increase personal growth and learning of trustees, administrators, staff and students to support DEI
  • Align DEI goals and their integration with Board policies, administrative procedures and the Eanes ISD Graduate/Staff Profile (WHEEL)

Student Support

  • Improve multi-tiered systems of support
    • Enhance essential student programs (e.g., RTI, GT, dyslexia, 504 plans, counseling, twice exceptional, etc.)
    • Continue to refine student support team processes, including early identification of special needs
    • Expand systems to focus on the social-emotional and behavioral needs of all students
    • Apply evidence-based approaches, such as restorative practices, youth mental health first-aid, suicide prevention and student safety, and the thoughtful, developmentally appropriate use of technology
    • Reinforce social-emotional learning through the comprehensive school counseling curriculum and embedded instruction, as appropriate
  • Uphold the value of Special Education
    • Refine resources, staffing, systems and instructional delivery models, ensuring the growth of all students
    • Provide curricular resources, research-based instructional strategies and assessment tools that allow teaching math, reading and writing with fidelity to students who have unique learning needs and styles
    • Address recommendations of the Special Education program review and Inclusive Culture Committee

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Wellness

  • Focus on student wellness and resilience by using best practices, curricular resources and community partners to improve social-emotional development
  • Create opportunities for staff to access wellness programs and social-emotional resources for themselves
  • Offer wellness opportunities for families and the community through education and resources

Community Engagement

  • Connect with key constituencies
    • Honor the 150-year legacy of quality public education in Eanes to enhance community engagement
    • Customize information for unique audiences (e.g., alumni, residents without students, business partners, etc.)
    • Ensure transparency, clarity, frequency and proactivity of all messages and reports
    • Authentically engage parents, residents, community members and business partners
    • Foster dynamic relationships to promote student learning experiences and strengthen a common culture

Operations and Long-Range Planning

  • Maintain a long-range plan for operational processes
    • Study potential budgeting and policy priorities as a result of, or in preparation for, legislative priorities
    • Analyze demographic, enrollment and transfer data to optimize resources, facilities and staffing
  • Safeguard students, staff and resources by securing schools and cyber technologies
  • Examine and re-evaluate budget priorities in preparation for or in response to evolving circumstances
    • Continue a multi-year strategic budgeting approach
    • Manage capital projects and plan for possible future bonds with community input
    • Explore collaborative or alternative fundraising and revenue generation strategies

Approved by the Eanes ISD Board of Trustees, Feb. 23, 2021