Eanes ISD

Mission & Goals

Mission : The Eanes community is vitally committed to educational excellence that prepares and inspires all students for life-long success by engaging each student in rigorous academic experiences and enriching opportunities.

2017-18 Board of Trustees Priorities

  1. Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC)
  2. Innovation
  3. Operations and long-range planning
  4. Community engagement

2017-18 District Goals

Instructional Goals-Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC)
  1. Pre-K-12 Social-emotional learning (SEL)
    • Reduce cultural stress; value emotional health
    • Develop and implement a GVC for SEL at all levels
  2. Oral & written communication
    • Develop clear expectations for social studies and science
    • Align and refine curricula and rubrics

Instructional Goals - Innovation
  1. Student opportunities
    • Design alternative paths
    • Study flexible time and schedules
    • Balance interventions and challenge
    • Expand interdisciplinary approaches

Operational Goals-Operations & Long-Range Planning
  1. Facilities and land use
    • Study building utilization and attendance areas
    • Maximize capacities
    • Determine position on portable classrooms
    • Explore land acquisition
  2. Community engagement
    • Ensure consistency, clarity and inclusivity
    • Design information for unique audiences (alumni, residents without students)

Approved by the Board of Trustees 4/11/17