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Eanes ISD

Mission & Goals

Unite. Empower. Inspire...Every Person, Every Day.

We unite our community through respectful relationships, creating a sense of belonging for all. 
We empower students, providing an exemplary education that develops curiosity, creativity, and individual talents. 
We inspire each other to lead purposeful lives of empathy, gratitude, and compassion.

2023-24 Board Priorities

Focus on Success of All Students

  • Implement and align evidence-based instructional systems that drive continuous improvement, outcomes and access for all students through Universal Design for Learning.
  • Continue to advance and enhance special education services for students.

Foster Safe and Inclusive School Environments

  • Prioritize an inclusive environment of belongingness, social and emotional well-being and physical safety as a foundation for academic and co-curricular excellence.
  • Optimize personal growth and learning for students, staff, administrators and trustees to support diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Apply evidence-based approaches to support the mental health needs of students and staff.

Engage Staff and Community

  • Maximize ongoing efforts to recruit, retain and resource top-quality staff for all positions.
  • Increase means of conversing with, listening to and soliciting feedback from employees, students, parents and community members.

Manage Finances, Facilities and Assets

  • Maximize and efficiently use available Maintenance & Operations funds.
  • Ensure facilities and resources are managed, maintained and improved for the benefit of the present and future academic community.
  • Support long-range planning and programmatic review processes.

Govern and Collaborate as a Board and Superintendent

  • Achieve consensus according to Board policies and operating procedures, and align with administrative procedures and responsibilities, in an effort to unite, empower and inspire every person every day.