Eanes ISD

Digital Learning Task Force

As announced in early March 2016, the District will implement an Eanes App Store for the 2016-17 school year, providing more control and consistency across all campuses.

Feedback at the Digital Learning Task Force focus groups, symposia and surveys stated that non-instructional apps were a distraction when it came to learning. While usage has been somewhat restrictive over the years, the District will now have the ability to completely remove Apple's App Store from its devices. Students will only have access to apps that are included in the Self-Service app, which will act as an "Eanes App Store".

By doing this, the District also addresses the concern that too many apps were being used throughout the district. The App Store will better align both horizontally and vertically the apps that are provided to students district-wide.

Teachers and students will still have the ability to request apps which can be added to the Eanes App Store.

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