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Eanes ISD

Educator Profile

Welcomes Collaboration

  • Builds positive relationships in and beyond the classroom
  • Collaborates with peers at the campus, district, community and global level on an ongoing basis
  • Demonstrates strong positive communication skills
  • Actively participates in Professional Learning Communities, department/grade level meetings and campus/district professional learning
  • Respects students, peers and parents as part of the Eanes family

Honors Students

  • Cultivates a student-centered classroom
  • Creates opportunities for students to connect personal interests to current learning
  • Recognizes and appreciates student differences and designs differentiated lessons
  • Contributes to the academic, social, emotional and behavioral development of all students through carefully planned instruction
  • Celebrates student accomplishments
  • Believes in every student’s potential
  • Demonstrates empathy while maintaining high standards

Exemplifies Expertise

  • Demonstrates strong knowledge of content and pedagogy
  • Designs authentic, engaging lessons to teach concepts and skills
  • Creates meaningful assessments aligned to learning targets
  • Identifies student needs based on a variety of assessments and data
  • Scaffolds instruction based on identified student needs
  • Facilitates learning using a variety of instructional strategies
  • Refines teaching based on research-based best practices combined with student outcomes

Embraces Learning

  • Seeks professional learning opportunities to enhance instruction and remain current
  • Exhibits intellectual curiosity, imagination and creativity
  • Learns with, from, about and for students and peers
  • Engages in innovative strategies while reflecting on student performance
  • Embraces using technology based on current research and district initiatives

Leads to Inspire

  • Models passion in their own interests and in their instruction
  • Cultivates a rich environment where students feel comfortable to speak and share new ideas
  • Conveys curiosity and fascination to students
  • Ignites students’ curiosity and passion
  • Supports teachers new to the profession and district by sharing expertise
  • Models complex problem solving and critical thinking
Educator Wheel