Eanes ISD

Digital Learning Task Force (DLTF) - (2018 & 2015)

This fall (2018), Eanes ISD will reconvene a Digital Learning Task Force to:

  1. Evaluate the current reality as it pertains to technology and make recommendations on how Eanes ISD can improve our digital learning environment and integration of technology in our schools.

  2. Recommend appropriate future use of both district-issued and student personal devices and associated handbook language.

  3. Investigate the overall learning environment beyond student mobile devices, including A/V, blended/online learning, and integration of instructional materials.

The task force will meet four times in the coming months, and all meetings are open to the public. There will be time available for public comment and input during certain times throughout the meetings.

If you have any questions or thoughts around the DLTF, please contact Eric Wright (ewright@eanesisd.net)

Sign up for our mailing list, if you are not able or interested in serving at this time but would like to be considered for any future district committees: Interest in Serving Eanes ISD Mailing List