Eanes ISD

Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

Technology Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) is to provide input, guidance and support for district technology initiatives. The TAC is comprised of Eanes ISD community members, teachers and administrators and offers a diverse perspective on technology integration, data privacy and instructional expectations for a K-12 device selection.

Eanes ISD believes technology is the intentional, purposeful integration of developmentally appropriate digital tools, materials and knowledge to enhance student engagement and learning for everyone in our learning community. We believe technology supports opportunities for differentiation, creation, collaboration, critical-thinking and digital citizenship.

The Digital Learning Task Force (DLTF) was formed in 2015 to research the latest technology trends and current integration models of technology and learning. The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) will be a continuation of that work by providing guidance and support for the district’s technology initiatives.


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