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Envision Eanes

Envision Eanes

The Eanes ISD Board of Trustees approved 25 community members to the future-focused Envision Eanes advisory committee. The unanimous vote came at the October 23 meeting.

The 25 voting members and seven alternate members are charged to explore how Eanes ISD can become a greater institution of education and innovation for the next generation, being mindful of student wellness and achievement.

Future subsets of the committee may include but are not limited to assisting the administration’s efforts to evaluate and implement initiatives related to (a) campus attendance zones, (b) medium and long-term facility planning, (c) land acquisition, (d) community engagement, and (e) other bond proposals.


Committee Members

Voting Members

    1.  Alan Knox

    2.  Alison Stilp

    3.  Andrea Bradford

    4.  Anne Monnig

    5.  Cassandra Barnhart

    6.  Cathy Hoover

    7.  Channing Wiese

    8.  Christopher Grammer

    9.  Eric Hansen

  10.  Heather Sheffield

  11.  James Spradley (co-chair)

  12.  Jeff Ulmann

  13.  Jenny Aghamalian (co-chair)

  14.  Kam Praytor

  15.  Laura Clark

  16.  Laura Suggs

  17.  Laurie Maccini

  18.  Martha Hansen

  19.  Melinda Valdez

  20.  Mo Greulich

  21.  Pamela R Horn

  22.  Robbi Millest

  23.  Robert Weinschenk

  24.  Sheila Cooper

  25.  Yan Cheung



    1.    David Barrutia

    2.    Elizabeth Poole

    3.    Lisa Palmer

    4.    Margaret Suter

    5.    Monique Pikus

    6.    Shaku Selvakumar

    7.    Wolfgang Niedert


Documents and Resources

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