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Eanes ISD

2017 Educator of the Year

Every year educator at each school nominate a fellow educator as the educator of the year. From those educators a committee is formed to select the District educator of the year.

WHS's Kitty Mellenbruch Named 2017 District Educator of the Year

Image Educator of the Year Killy MellenbruchWestlake High School English teacher Kitty Mellenbruch was named Eanes ISD Educator of the Year at tonight's Employee Recognition and Retiree dinner.

Mellenbruch is in her 27th year teaching English at Westlake High School, which includes her student teaching completed at WHS. She is described as an inspirational and popular teacher, as shown by her six Golden Apple awards, which are voted on by students. Kitty is also known as an incredible mentor to new teachers.

It is her approach to this academic year that inspired her colleagues to nominate her for Educator of the Year at the campus level. This year, Kitty is working with a new pedagogy, embracing new teaching methods with professionalism and a willingness to learn. Her focus has been to create activities that best fit her students' needs and not rely on what has always been done. Kitty challenges students to write and express their understandings at the highest levels while nurturing them as 14 and 15 year olds. Kitty was doing wonders with Social Emotional Learning before the term had been created.

The committee was impressed by Kitty's desire and ability to make connections with students to build relationships. She also showed the importance of teacher growth as she has become more of a risk taker with technology after self-admittedly being somewhat of a reluctant adopter.

2017 Campus Educators of the Year