Eanes ISD

Educator of the Year

Every year educator at each school nominate a fellow educator as the educator of the year. From those educators a committee is formed to select the District educator of the year.

WRMS's Elizabeth Compton Named 2019 District Educator of the Year

Elizabeth Compton

West Ridge Middle School orchestra teacher Elizabeth Compton was named Eanes ISD Educator of the Year at tonight's Employee Recognition and Retiree dinner.

Elizabeth Compton has 16 years of teaching experience, with all 16 years in Eanes ISD. She has represented the campus in several professional organizations at the local and regional level over the years including Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Orchestra Directors Association and Texas Music Adjudicators Association.

Compton has led the WRMS orchestras to a high level of achievement (four orchestras brought home sweepstakes this year). She has created an environment where she and her students have fun along the way to success, develop a love for music and a strong sense of community, and laugh often. This year Compton spent one of her conference periods providing the opportunity for special education students to learn how to play a variety of instruments. 
Compton takes students who have never touched an instrument before and turns them into award-winning performers. She challenges her top performer and yet can make the newest player feel good about orchestra. She is thoughtful, kind, compassionate and a wonderful asset to West Ridge and Eanes ISD.

The nine campus winners participated in an interview process to select the 2019 District Educator of the Year. The Westlake Rotary Club sponsors the award and Rotary members serve on the District selection committee. The Westlake Rotary Club will recognize all nine Educators of the Year at a Rotary meeting held May 10, 2019.

2019 Campus Educators of the Year

Barton Creek Elementary – Chrissi Knox, Kindergarten Teacher

Barton Creek Elementary – Chrissi Knox, Kindergarten Teacher

Chrissi Knox has five years of teaching experience, with four years in Eanes ISD. Currently, she teaches Kindergarten on the monolingual side of Spanish Immersion. Chrissi has served for two years as Team Leader and as a member of the Campus Leadership Team. Additionally, she is the chair for the Campus Beautification Committee and a member of the Sunshine Squad.   

Knox is described as engaging, encouraging, compassionate, hard-working, organized, thoughtful, energetic, generous, positive and loyal; she is the teacher you want your own children to have. The thought and care that she puts into her instruction and students is incredible. She is the textbook definition of a great teacher and she strives to give her very best to ALL students every single day. The genuine love she has for her students and her infectious charisma make Knox special.  In the words of one of her kindergarten students, “Ms. Knox makes us do work and awards us with fun!” 

Bridge Point Elementary School – Patience Jones, Music Teacher

Bridge Point Elementary School – Patience Jones, Music Teacher

Patience Jones has 16 years of teaching experience, with three years in Eanes ISD. Currently she teaches music at Bridge Point Elementary. She has served as a mentor teacher for new staff and has represented the campus on the curriculum writing team for the district.  

Jones believes that every child has potential and cultivates a love for music in a variety of ways through instruments, performances, singing and technology. Students light up when they successfully play chords on the Ukulele, scales on the keyboard, beats on a drum and popular songs on the recorder. Jones integrates technology by teaching students how to write and compose their own music using apps and then celebrates with them when they record themselves playing their own songs. She also directs two yearly school musicals and organizes several after-school music clubs. Her dedication to the BPE community is inspiring and BPE loves her tremendously.

Cedar Creek Elementary School – Bethany Tomasik, Third-Grade Teacher

Cedar Creek Elementary School – Bethany Tomasik, Third-Grade Teacher

Bethany Tomasik has been teaching for 11 years and all 11 years have been in Eanes ISD, with the last 3 being at CCE.  She currently teaches 3rd grade at Cedar Creek Elementary and has served as the third-grade team leader.  She has served on the Campus Leadership Team as well.

Tomasik cares for each and every student and ensures every student is included in everything and in every way. She has a consistently positive attitude, looks for the good in all students and staff, and truly wants to be an encourager.  Tomasik makes a difference at CCE by collaborating with others, being an innovative teacher and has a personality that others just want to be around. She creates a warm and loving, yet engaging classroom environment!  

Eanes Elementary - Tamara West-Bray, Second-Grade Teacher

Eanes Elementary School – Tamara West-Bray, Second-Grade Teacher

Tamara West-Bray has 23 years of teaching experience, with all 23 years in Eanes ISD. She currently teaches 2nd grade at Eanes Elementary. For the majority of her years in education in Eanes ISD, she served as a special education teacher in the PPCD classrooms (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities).

West-Bray meets students where they are emotionally, physically, psychologically, intellectually, and developmentally in order to reach, teach and care for each child - honoring who they are inside and out. The kindness that lives in her heart and the endless care she gives to her students stays with each of her students for a lifetime. From morning meetings to math notebooks and lessons, West-Bray works hard to make a difference in her students' lives, and every staff member would agree that she is a difference maker in the Eanes Elementary community.

Forest Trail Elementary – Michael Buthe, Instructional Partner

Forest Trail Elementary – Michael Buthe, Instructional Partner

Michael Buthe has 23 years of teaching experience, with the last seven years in Eanes ISD. Currently, he is the instructional partner at Forest Trail. He has served the campus on various committees, as the Student Support Team Facilitator, and as a 2nd- grade teacher. He has represented the campus on the District Leadership Team, the District Calendar Committee, The Universal Design for Learning Committee, as well as the curriculum writing teams for both Language Arts and Science.

Buthe would be the first person you would see when describing a helper. His initiative is enviable, he's clear in his thinking, always looking to grow our community, and every action is student-centered and for the betterment of the campus/district. Buthe is known for his love of comic books, but in every possible way, he is Forest Trail's real superhero. 

Valley View Elementary – Kena DiNardi, Special Education Teacher

Valley View Elementary – Kena DiNardi, Special Education Teacher

Kena DiNardi has volunteered and worked in schools for 13 years, with six of those in Eanes ISD. She is a special education teacher at Valley View and an inspirational leader on campus with expertise in restorative practices and social-emotional learning. This year, DiNardi was accepted into the Region XIII Behavior Coach Endorsement Program, an intensive and selective program.

DiNardi is one of the first called to respond to some of the most challenging situations (physically and emotionally). She always responds with grace, poise and compassion. DiNardi is truly gifted in making children (and adults) feel seen, heard and loved. Quoting a student from Valley View, “To know Ms. DiNardi is to love Ms. DiNardi.”

Hill Country Middle School – Corey Green, Math Teacher

Hill Country Middle School – Corey Green, Math Teacher

Corey Green has nine years of teaching experience, with two years in Eanes ISD. Currently, he teaches 8th-grade math at Hill Country. He has served as Campus Leadership Team rep and is a part of the district leadership cohort this year.

Green's best traits as a teacher and colleague are his ability to build caring relationships with staff and students. He also has a deep knowledge and passion for math. He is able to work with struggling learners, believing in their ability to find success.

Green always has a smile on his face and his positive attitude is an asset to students and staff alone. He is also incredibly spirited, dressing up as Winnie the Pooh, Batman, and more. His joy is contagious!

Westlake High School – Rebecka Stucky, English Teacher

Westlake High School – Rebecka Stucky, English Teacher

Becky Stucky has 43 years of teaching experience with 25 years in Eanes ISD. Becky currently teaches AP English 3 at Westlake High School. Becky has served as English Department Chair for more than a decade while previously chairing the Campus Leadership, serving on the District Leadership Team, as well as on numerous committees.

Stucky has been teaching social-emotional learning for decades - she is genuine, sincere, caring, empathetic, compassionate, thoughtful while being challenging, holding kids to high standards and teaching the values of integrity, trustworthiness and dedication.

Stucky is best known for her work with the Vietnam Veterans Project based on “The Things They Carry.’ This project has reached and impacted veterans and their families all over this nation. This project has won numerous awards and honors, and Stucky creates a unique atmosphere to allow high school students to strive to make a positive impact.