Eanes ISD

Westlake HS EANESpiration Winners, 2015

Westlake High School Eanespiration winners
Left to Right: Lynn Rosier, Joan Kothe, Barbel Todd, Shirley Hoyer, Jo Hendrick, Ally White, Lichy Chang,
Rita Rico, Kristin Brudigam. Not Pictured: Debby Brailas and Ginger Lloyd

Educational Impact Award

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Debby Brailas and Ms. Ginger Lloyd
Their nomination reads: Debby and Ginger help to make Westlake a great place for students and staff. They are always ready to lend aid and support to teachers and students alike, no matter what is requested. Go into the library at any time of the day and you will see a large number of students and teachers collaborating - that is because Debby and Ginger have created a space that has a positive, productive energy. Anytime you need anything from books to resources, to scheduling a computer lab these ladies go out of their way to help you right away. They both help to ease the stress of students who are working on deadline. Their compassion is evident in all they do for both staff and students alike.

Ms. Lichy Chang
Her nomination reads: Lichy is an inspiring educator who has made a positive impact on her students, colleagues, and the Eanes community through hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. Over the years, Lichy has single-handedly built from the ground up an exemplary Chinese language program. In addition to cultivating academic excellence in the classroom, she brings the Chinese culture alive through a very active Chinese Club. More recently, she has established an exchange program with a high school in Taiwan. Last year a group of students visited a high school there, while a group of students from that school visited Westlake this year. As a result, not just her students, but the entire school, and indeed the Westlake community benefits from Lichy's tireless effort.

More than that, though, it is Lichy's personality that endears her to her students and co-workers alike. She is kind, humble, positive, and enthusiastic. She is a unique individual who inspires and truly makes a difference.

Ms. Barbel Todd
Her nomination reads: Barbel is a district parent as well as a substitute teacher. In the past couple of years, she has devoted a lot of her time to helping the World Language teachers. Barbel knows Spanish, German, Chinese, French, and a little Latin- which makes her an excellent sub for the department! Barbel is a Hero because of her extreme grace and selflessness upon stepping up and taking over Latin classes when a teacher was injured. She went beyond the call of duty - she came early, stayed late, organized assignments and work, helped the students during lunch, and wrote detailed notes for the teacher's return. Her efforts kept students on task and helped what could have been a difficult situation incredibly successful. Barbel truly is amazing and well-deserving of recognition.

Good Samaritan Award

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative.

Ms. Kristin Brudigam
Her nomination reads: Everyone gets stressed out with copious amounts of work, but Kristin pushes through all of her own work and continues to selflessly offer help and support to others in the math department. Whenever a teacher in our department needs last-minute coverage, Kristin always steps up to volunteer. And when she does cover a class for a teacher, she will seek you out to ask what the lesson is, learn it and teach the class - not just cover the class while the students do independent work.

From spreadsheets to eduphoria help, or data collection of any sort, Kristin volunteers to get to the bottom of it. She is incredibly selfless and we thank her for all she does.

Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Joan Kothe
Her nomination reads: Joan is an exemplary colleague and employee. She handles the work of five people on any given day by diligently and accurately recording Westlake's massive attendance. She does it stoically and professionally. She is an excellent individual who goes beyond the call of duty, many times working long after the school has closed.

Joan is the consummate professional. As busy as she is, she is kind, patient and helpful to students, parents and teachers alike. Her job is a voluminous, demanding and exacting one, yet Joan undertakes her duties with disciplined precision and a calm and gracious demeanor. Her own attendance is excellent, and when she has been out due to illness she works from home in her attempt to not get behind, for to do so would be overwhelming. She is a wonderful and inspiring colleague.

Ms. Shirley Hoyer and Ms. Jo Hendrick
Their nomination reads: Shirley and Jo have co-chaired the Guidance Committee, our army of "Red Coats" for the past few years. No job is too big or too small for them to tackle. From the formidable task of chairing Senior Career Day for our 600 seniors, to hosting one of the most prestigious college fairs in Texas, to organizing our army of moms who help us proctor our 3,000-plus AP tests with integrity and grace, we literally could not run our department without these kind and amazingly smart women who keep us running efficiently and at top speed. We will be eternally grateful for their leadership and thoughtfulness towards both staff and students.

Ms. Rita Rico
Her nomination reads: Rita never hesitates to help out with "other duties" that come up in the day. On several occasions we have had to call on her for help that didn't fall under her duties - or anyone's, for that matter. We appreciate her can-do attitude and how easy she makes it for us to ask for help. She is always willing to go the extra mile for our faculty and staff. From digging through the trash to find a faculty member's cell phone to making sure the faculty has coffee EVERY morning, Rita is incredibly generous with her time. Our custodians seldom get the recognition that they deserve and we want to make sure Rita knows she's appreciated.

Innovation Award

Those who have implemented a creative or innovative program, teaching method, or cost-savings for the district.

Mr. Lynn Rosier
His nomination reads: At the close of last school year, Lynn Rosier was asked to help with Senior Service Day by creating a website for seniors to sign up for the event. Of course, he heartily agreed to the task. All year, he has worked with his advanced students on the project, providing invaluable input and an incredible willingness to help. Lynn has now agreed to take on another big event next year, Senior Career Day, which will be an amazing help to our counseling office.

This year he saved us over $2500 and next year he will save us over $5000. He and his students did an amazing job on the website and he was great to work with. Mr. Rosier is well deserving of the Innovation Award!

Ms. Ally White
Her nomination reads: Ally created and implemented unit booklets as a way to consolidate the notes the students were expected to take in class. Some of the main benefits of the booklet, besides consolidating comprehensive notes, were that they were very portable and they aligned with the PowerPoint presentations and other materials in the units. After an initial trial with her class, Ally shared the booklets with the rest of her team for them to use with their classes, which worked extremely well. Ally continued to make PowerPoints and booklets for the rest of the year's units. As a team, we discussed what worked and what didn't with the booklets and she made adjustments for each unit.

Ally has a passion for teaching and for her students. She wants to make learning easier and more accessible for all her students and in this case in particular, she absolutely did. She works so hard to help her students achieve and she is a great teammate to her biology peers.