Eanes ISD

Non-Campus EANESpiration Winners, 2016

Left to Right. Back Row: Lt. Jack Frost, Mischa Ballard, Petra Merten, Cheryle Curtis, Amber Henderson, Kelley King
Holly Massingill, Deputy Brian Peals, Deputy Forrest Bouldin. Front Row: Kyle Groover, Patty Gray, Cathie Hargett,
Laurel Sockwell. Not Pictured: Gerry Schriever.

Educational Impact Award

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Kyle Groover
As the Community Ed Registrar, one would think Kyle is just the one who helps the community get registered for the hundreds of Community Ed classes, the after school care program, or for child development; but she does much more than that. Kyle is the first face the community sees when they come to Community Ed and she never fails to give them the best customer service she can by answering their questions in the best professional manner or guiding them through the enrollment process. The instructors for all the 700-plus classes that Community Ed offers are also treated with kindness and patience as she guides them to fill out all the mandatory paperwork needed to have them as an approved vendor and she ensures that they understand the district policies and expectations to serve our community and students.

Kyle is responsible for the web design, art work and all graphics for the Community Ed Brochure, district website, and all other advertising components. We are so lucky to have her talent, creativity, charm and expertise to make Community Ed a wonderful part of the District!

Ms. Kelley King
Kelley is passionate about supporting students who face challenges to achieve their best with compassion, respect and dignity. In all her work, she is student-centered and student-driven. She works to help students achieve self-awareness, self-advocacy and independence. She supports social skill development to empower students to be the vibrant members of their community they are meant to be. Kelley is always available to staff to provide insights, "tried and true" strategies, as well as innovative strategies. She supports both students and staff to be at their best, which contributes to Eanes being a healthy and caring community.

Innovation Award

Those who may include implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc...

Ms. Amber Henderson
Amber has been with our CDC program for 11 years. She has acted as a classroom teacher, a site supervisor, and now is our program director. Amber has been in this role for a few short months, and in that time has done an amazing job rebuilding and improving the program. She is responsive to parent feedback, and receptive to suggestions for improving the CDC.

Since she has taken charge, Amber has increased projected enrollment for next year to maximum capacity, and has also worked with administration to develop the CDC Parent Advisory Board. This has been a huge undertaking, requiring a huge chunk of time that she has willingly taken on because she is dedicated to making the CDC the best program it can be. We are so excited to see where this new venture goes, and so proud to have such an innovative program director at CDC.

Good Samaritan Award

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative.

Ms. Cathie Hargett
Cathie Hargett has displayed an unwavering commitment to both the Eanes Education Foundation and to the Eanes School District. Cathie leads with dedication, a belief in what seems impossible at times, and does it all with a calm graciousness. She has been a part of the EEF Board since 2010, and this year led the board as President, to gift an unprecedented $2 million to the district. We feel lucky to have had Cathie Hargett at the helm of the EEF Board, and know that the impact she has had on the teachers and students in our district will be felt for years to come.

Ms. Holly Massingill
Holly Mace Massingill fearlessly accepted the EEF Board's challenge to lead the 2016 EEF Gala to unprecedented success. In fact, she and her committee of volunteers not only met the budget challenge, but increased it by $100,000 to an incredible $525,000 net proceed - enough to fund 10.5 teachers in just one night! Lights, Camera, Excellence! was a spectacular community event for the entire district with 820 proud guests celebrating our extraordinary district and exceptional teachers and staff.

Ms. Laurel Sockwell
Laurel Sockwell, led a committee of approximately 100 volunteers to form a well-oiled machine for EEF's annual giving campaign and signature fundraiser, The Teacher Fund. After months of pre-planning and hard work, the fall campaign included multiple parties throughout the community, numerous promotions and contests on all 9 campuses, a successful Donation Day and the sliming of our good-natured Principals! Laurel's tireless commitment to the success of the campaign resulted in a record-breaking $1.4 million for the district, enough to fund 28 teachers!

Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Mischa Ballard
We have appreciated Mischa so much this year as she attends to our students on the Special Education bus each day. She has gone out of her way to ask questions specific to various abilities of our students so that she can know the best care. She has asked for resources to learn more about our students and how she can help them. We love her patience and how warm she is to all she greets. When she was also serving as a cafeteria monitor she would be sure to come say hi to our students every day. We are so lucky to have Mischa and are very grateful for her!

Ms. Cheryle Curtis
Cheryle would always bring extra materials and equipment, beyond what was required to meet students' goals. She noticed other student needs and was more than willing to help meet them. Whenever asked for input on a student, Cheryle provided very helpful information that helped to calm students so they would be in a position to learn more. She helps others feel more competent as teachers because the students would respond to the interventions she provided. Cheryle was very welcoming to both staff and the children. Each student she helped was as though they were her own son or daughter.

Deputy Forrest Bouldin and Deputy Brian Peals
Deputies Forrest Bouldin and Brian Peals are the Travis County School Resource Officers for Eanes ISD. While they are housed at Westlake High School, their commitment to Eanes ISD is district-wide. Deputies Bouldin and Peals are both professional, responsive, and thorough, while remaining approachable, caring, and in-touch with the students. They have an incredible way of looking at each situation with calm and clarity, but also make sure to treat students and staff with respect while they are doing what sometimes can be a tough job. They go above and beyond to help keep our schools and students in line, and we couldn't imagine our team without them.

Lieutenant Jack Frost
Ensuring that schools are within compliance of state and federal regulations is often challenging. When Jack Frost first was assigned to our schools, we were all in for a wake-up call when she discovered items that we thought were in compliance. Staff and administrators were shocked at the number of hazards that were noted on the fire inspection forms and how many corrections we were expected to make. Jack educated our staff on why these and other items were considered fire hazards and worked in great details to explain the reasons. She has always been nothing short of professional and fair in working with the school district. Her efforts have paid off because our hazards have dropped tremendously!

For the last several years, Jack has gone above and beyond her duties as the school fire inspector, to providing fire extinguisher training to students at her own expense and time (she trains all the CERT and TEC students every year, totaling hundreds of students); helping rentals inspect food trailers; giving child nutrition kitchen fire safety training; volunteering with March Fest; and even coming to VVE to read to the students in the library. She has become a teacher to us all, and a hero to us all.

Ms. Patty Gray
Patty graciously took on the art exhibit/reception project and she worked tirelessly above and beyond her usual duties to create a beautiful event that was well attended by students and families and exceeded expectations. She organized, planned, bought frames, made invitations and everything in between! Staff really enjoyed meeting the students whose art is displayed around the offices and hearing the story behind the pieces. Because of her efforts, visitors and CA staff alike are always commenting on how the artwork brightens the building. Patty's work on this project set a great standard for a new tradition.

Ms. Petra Merten
Petra's work each day is clearly exceptional. She drives a nearly full bus with daily changes in who actually rides. Petra knows each student by name and is a positive influence on their lives. The students love her because she's fun. She takes her job very seriously and is adept at handling student behavioral issues. Petra works well with other employees and is always willing to help where needed.

Mr. Gerry Schriever
Our office receives numerous letters of praise from parents about Gerry and his excellent performance as a bus driver. They adore him and his ability to manage children on the school bus. He knows all of the children by name and their families. Gerry is punctual, professional, ethical, kind-hearted and generous. When our driver who helped deliver materials moved out of state, Gerry stepped up and is doing this task by himself. He is going above and beyond to make sure the cafeterias are stocked with food items every week.