Eanes ISD

Eanes ES EANESpiration Winners, 2017

Eanes Elementary Eanespiration Winners

Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Claudia Carpenter
Ms. Carpenter held the second grade team together as we began the year with 4 out of 5 new teachers. Ms. Carpenter not only took over as team lead, helped support four new teachers to the grade, but she was also a mentor to first year teachers. She had SO much on her plate, yet she still did all she could to make sure everyone was comfortable, she was there if anyone needed help, and was extremely positive.

Ms. Chaundy Satterwhite
Ms. Satterwhite is truly an example of someone who is a hero. As the long term sub on our campus, she is quick to offer aid where ever is needed--and often before anyone even thinks to ask! Her positive spirit and bright soul serve as a shining example to all those around her. This gem really has been a priceless addition to the EE family and we honestly can't think of a single position, classroom, or area on this campus that she has not saved this year. Ms. Satterwhite is simply amazing.

Good Samaritan Award

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage.

Ms. Kristen Burns
Mrs. Burns has served as the first grade parent coordinator this year, responsible for coordinating parties and important events in first grade. She handles all communication with parents and is available for the teachers at all times. She has also been amazing help for the past two years, volunteering her time to pick up fertilized eggs from Bastrop, so the first grade students could incubate them and have this amazing experience. Without her help and support, life in the first grade classrooms would not be the same! She is supportive, helpful, and we just couldn't do it without her!

Ms. Michelle Corbett
Ms. Corbett brings a calm and caring presence to the Eanes Elementary campus every day. She greets everyone with gentleness and warmth, making others feel that they matter. She dives into any and all tasks and situations, always keeping children at the center of her work. She heads up the STAAR testing process with incredible efficiency and caring for teachers and students at the same time. While coordinating testing can be challenging work, Ms. Corbett makes it look easy. She makes Eanes feel like a home away from home for so many Mustangs and their parents and we are truly thankful for all that she does.

Ms. Maureen Hicks-Damm
Ms. Hicks-Damm is a quiet hero, a bridge builder who interacts with multiple roles in the campus community, giving each person careful consideration while maintaining a student-centered approach. Ms. Hicks-Damm offers her advice, counseling, and support to students and families in need. It was with her help that one of our families was able to work through struggles toward a better place this year. She provides this same support for staff members in need. She is caring, compassionate, and she holds the bar high for herself and those around her. Due to her high standards, we are all the better for it!

Educational Impact

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Mr. Miguel Alvarez
For more than a decade, Mr. Miguel has been a mainstay at Eanes Elementary. His gracious nature and great work ethic have made him an integral part of the Child Nutrition department and the staff at Eanes Elementary. Popular with the students and faculty, Mr. Miguel always makes time for others, and does everything with the most wonderful smile that warms your heart. We thank him for all that he does to make everyone's experience at Eanes Elementary better!

Ms. Valerie Byrd
Ms. Byrd is aways working hard and is always willing to help. She truly does more than her job title reflects. She puts students first every minute of every day and makes everyone feel like they are somebody. She has taken the responsibility of being Special Ed team leader, and handled the position with patience and grace. She is always willing to help others and offer advice. She is a wonderful addition to our Eanes family, and a treasure to our campus.

Ms. Staci Hubbard
Ms. Hubbard has created a positive connection with students, staff and parents during her first year on our campus. She is student-focused and is constantly seeking opportunities to be of help to both students and staff. She volunteers before she is asked and does so with a huge smile. No task is too great or too small for Ms. Hubbard!

Ms. Laura Wright
Ms. Wright has done an amazing job as the Art teacher this year. Her dedication, inspirational projects, and the time that she puts into her work are impressive. Part of that time spent is ensuring that the students' artwork is beautifully displayed for all to see. Ms. Wright has done an exceptional job of planning innovative opportunities for the students in her classes to explore art. Her background in Project Based Learning has been an incredible asset to enriching learning for our students. We are thankful for her inspiring work!