Eanes ISD

Cedar Creek ES EANESpiration Winners, 2016

Left to Right. Back Row: Allison Eicke, Scott Norman, Kevin Pegues, Christine Stellfox, Chris Smith, Chuck Smith
Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard. Front Row: Lindsay Williamson, Matthew Poodiack, Shannon Hardiman, Angela Bassett

Educational Impact Award

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Shannon Hardiman
Ms. Hardiman exemplifies the term "growth mindset". She is always open to trying new strategies and improving her current teaching practices. Her eagerness to grow and learn is contagious. Currently, she is a participant of the year-long Eanes Writing Cohort, an attendee in an after school Reading Strategies Book Club, and PTEP participant pursuing a Master's degree. Ms. Hardiman successfully integrates new ideas and concepts and applies them to her instruction. This year she is working on bringing authentic reading and writing workshops into her classroom as well as mentoring a student teacher.

Ms. Hardiman's nomination reads, "Ms. Hardiman's students thrive in the positive and engaging learning environments she creates and her energy motivates us all to be better teachers."

Ms. Lindsay Williamson
Ms. Williamson came to CCE as a 1st grade teacher and made a wonderful impact on her students. She left her role as an RTI teacher to fill a kindergarten vacancy in January. Ms. Williamson continually impresses us with her depth of knowledge, superior classroom management, and selfless support of the school community. She spends many extra hours in preparation for her new classroom and is doing an amazing job meeting the needs of her students.

If you enter her new classroom, you will see many happy kindergarteners engaging in differentiated learning activities, as well as working together as a team in a cooperative atmosphere. Besides having terrific classroom management, Ms. Williamson also is musically gifted and writes academic songs to support learning styles by incorporating music and movement into her instruction.

Thank you, Ms. Williamson for being such a bright star on our campus!

Innovation Award

Those who may include implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc...

Mr. Scott Norman
As one of our student council sponsors, Mr. Norman continually works with students to develop character and leadership skills. Through his leadership and guidance, students are focused on community service, team building, and recognizing the accomplishments of others. This year, the student council-led food drive collected double the amount of its goal. Students were very inspired to perform this community service, receiving a raffle ticket for each pound of food donated, and the excitement from the chance to win small prize baskets was palpable.

Mr. Norman is a natural team builder, both in his classroom and through student council. Classrooms are always winning recognition as a team for their school spirit in events such as college apparel day, sunglasses day, and mismatched day. The winning classroom then passes on the spirit mascot at the next event with much enthusiasm. Student council also promotes a spotlight student for each grade level. Mr. Norman works with student council members to create a video recognizing the spotlight student by having student council members interview the student's teachers and friends. When the videos are shown at school-wide assemblies, the pride in these students' accomplishments is felt by all.

Mr. Norman spends extra time to make sure our school has a very meaningful student council.

Good Samaritan Award

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative.

Ms. Christine Stellfox
Ms. Stellfox is a behind the scenes workhorse! She seems to touch every aspect that our Booster Club is involved in. She works to photograph school events and put together our yearbook, a feat which takes hours and hours of work and organization. She designed our beautiful CCE t-shirt and assisted in organizing the Eagle Dash and classroom rewards system. Ms. Stellfox is at CCE always doing something, and her impact is beyond measure!

Ms. Stellfox is very deserving of this award.

Chris and Chuck Smith
This is the first year that Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been in our district, and they have jumped in with both sets of feet! Ms. Smith volunteers bi-weekly in the Cedar Creek office to allow the office staff a duty-free lunch. She welcomes visitors, takes phone calls, and delivers transportation notices. She also volunteered many hours to organizing and helping to host the Cedar Creek Bingo Night Fundraiser. Mr. Smith is a member of the Cedar Creek Dad's Club and has helped with crosswalk duty on Monday mornings, and Bingo Night clean-up as well.

Together Mr. and Mrs. Smith are an example of the unbeatable Cedar Creek parents who support our school for student success.

Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Angela Bassett
Ms. Bassett is a Cedar Creek Elementary Hero for sure! She goes above and beyond the call of duty as our school counselor...always doing what's best for students, having a listening ear, an open door policy, and a smile on her face. She works incredibly hard to make sure all students' needs are put first and making sure they are all cared for. She has a big heart and is admired by all! Her loving demeanor is contagious and makes every day at Cedar Creek a delightful one.

Her nomination reads, "Ms. Bassett is a wonderful part of our staff here at Cedar Creek. We appreciate her help with our kiddos and staff every day. We love seeing her smiling face and appreciate her sense of humor around the campus as she works so hard in so many different areas of our school. Ms. Bassett dedicates many hours to Cedar Creek and is always willing to pitch in and help no matter where she is needed."

Ms. Allison Eicke
Allison Eicke is a phenomenal first grade teacher who is unfailingly kind and supportive of her students. She is always seeking to grow as a professional. Allison recently earned her Master's degree as a Reading Specialist and she is currently getting her Wilson certification. She also embraces the district's LEAP initiative and embeds grade appropriate technology into her curriculum on a regular basis. On numerous occasions, often with short notice, she has opened her classroom and welcomed iLeap visitors from other districts to observe her stellar teaching in action.

We can always count on Ms. Eicke to be professional, friendly, and a model of best teaching practices.

Mr. Matthew Poodiack
Mr. Poodiack is supportive, personable, and an innovative leader in technology. He is a phenomenal teammate and excellent teacher. He has great rapport with other staff members and is always willing to lend an ear no matter what time of day it is. This year, he participated in the digital technology task force and this summer he will be presenting at iPadPalooza. Often people can't imagine kindergarten students using technology as a means of showing what they know, but Mr. Poodiack exemplifies how easily this can be done. He utilizes technology as a means to increase student participation, check for understanding, and to differentiate student work.

Mr. Poodiack enjoys learning about technology and he welcomes the challenges it brings with an enthusiastic attitude!

Mr. Kevin Pegues
Mr. Pegues is a fantastic Easy Care provider who makes an impression by the way he interacts with everyone. Every day he actively plays with students and organizes games on the playground; he does much more than just provide supervision. He uses consistent discipline and manages a large group of kids with ease. Mr. Pegues also shows excellent interpersonal skills by greeting each parent and child by name at pick up time.

Students never want to leave Easy Care because they are so engaged in organized play. Mr. Pegues is reliable, friendly, and professional and goes above and beyond for all of the Easy Care families.