Eanes ISD

Cedar Creek ES EANESpiration Winners, 2015

Cedar Creek Elementary Eanespiration Winners

Educational Impact Award

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Adriane Dorsey
Ms. Dorsey is constantly working with students and teachers to help better the educational experience both in and out of the classroom. She is described as always willing to consult with teachers, model appropriate strategies, and encourage students to be the best that they can be. She is incredibly dedicated to her job and has an incredible work ethic.

Her nomination reads, "We can count on her to not only do her job but go above and beyond. Whenever she is asked to help out, she immediately comes to our support."

Ms. Rebecca Oates
Ms. Oates is a champion of children and one who doesn't back down when it comes to fighting for what kids deserve. She recently went above and beyond to help a student qualify for Dyslexia services.

Ms. Oates takes a reliable approach based on data, coupled with passion for what she knows in her heart to be true when she looks at the whole child, not just one piece of evidence. She spent a lot of personal time working on the case and ultimately was successful.

Her nomination reads, "Ms. Oates stands up for what she believes in and does what is best for all children. She changed this child's life and continues to make a huge impact on many students on our campus."

Ms. Ashley Walker
As a leader in our district with data-driven Professional Learning Communities, Ms. Walker continually demonstrates dedication and support to her fellow peers. She has helped implement achievement binders, where students themselves are aware of their growth, strengths, and areas to continual improve upon. Her students display confidence as they reflect upon their learning and chart their academic progression.

Ms. Walker has given staff development training to show the positive effect true PLC's can have on student achievement. She shows a willingness to not only aid in the success of the teachers at her grade level, but also to improve the school as a whole through her inventive ideas and unswerving enthusiasm.

Her nomination reads, "The gifts and talents that Ms. Walker possesses allow her to meet challenges, standards, and goals that would aid in the success of any school setting, but we are particularly happy that she's here at Cedar Creek!"

Ms. Cathy Murray and Ms. Juanita Campos

Ms. Murray and Ms. Campos are described as always prepared with very interactive and interesting lessons every day for their CDC students. They are both caring and loving with the kids while also being able to run a tight ship. Parents are amazed to watch what appears to be a seamless process in every activity, with the kids on their best behavior.

Their nomination reads, "These ladies are responsive in meeting the needs of the students, as well as the parents. They greet parents every day with big smiles and there is such an ease about them when leaving your little one in their care."

Good Samaritan Award

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative.

Ms. Terri Giles
Ms. Giles is an instrumental partner here at Cedar Creek Elementary, as a dedicated parent, and also Booster Club treasurer. She goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to any school related function. Over the past several years, she has been involved with the Booster Club and taken on many roles to serve our community. She is a constant at the school, and always looks for ways to improve.

Her nomination reads, "Ms. Giles is always making the teachers and staff here feel loved and appreciated, which means the world to us! We appreciate her hard work and dedication to making Cedar Creek a wonderful place to be."

Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Tanna Fiske
As we know, technology is forever changing and updating, and it can be very challenging and time consuming. Ms. Fiske's vibrant spirit and positive attitude melt away the challenges and because of that, she has immediately become a favorite with the students and staff. She listens with such enthusiasm to students and is willing to help them with their every need when it comes to the iPads.

This year, Ms. Fiske worked tirelessly to get all the Apple ID's up and running in whatever way she could think of for the teachers, students and parents. This was a daunting task, but she soared through it to help everyone get set up.

Her nomination reads, "Ms. Fiske is always willing to help try something new with students' learning and is a source of encouragement for everyone."

Ms. Gomathi Srinivasan
Ms. Srinivasan has consistently volunteered at the Cedar Creek library for four years and is an amazing help to students and staff. She is always available to help for any job inside the library as well as for teachers needing assistance. She helps with multiple classes at any time of the day and after school. She can always be counted on to show up and work hard on all tasks, no matter how big or small.

Her nomination reads, "She is the friendly smile you see so often, who helps so many of our Eagles every day. Her unwavering dedication to Cedar Creek students is unparalleled."

Ms. Nadine Wester
Ms. Wester is known as the bright and bubbly first person you see when you walk in the office. She is always there with a beautiful smile, a friendly story and warm welcome to show all those who enter the doors of Cedar Creek that we are glad they are there and she is there to make their visit wonderful.

Ms. Wester helps teachers with a lovely coffee bar, candy pick me ups, change for the coke machine, friendly reminders, help with substitutes, you name it- she is a mother to all. To our students, Ms. Wester saves trinkets that have been lost in hopes that they will be found, listens to their requests, helps how she can and makes sure all their needs are met.

Her nomination reads, "Ms. Wester will retire this year, and our school will never be the same without her. We will miss her dearly!"