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Eanes ISD

West Ridge MS EANESpiration Winners, 2018

Eanespiration Winners 2018

Left to Right. Back Row: Donna Muyshondt, Elizabeth Compton, Lorie Schoch, Brett Hotchkiss, Dominique Bayona, Principal Robin Lowe, Andrea Snouffer, Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard. Front Row: Michelle Craft, Emma Sullivan Coghill, Vanessa Clayton, Katy Goldschmidt. Not pictured: Brittany Schwartz Gothia.

Educational Impact Awards

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.


Ms. Vanessa Clayton
Vanessa is an amazing teacher and colleague. She supports all kids, and she is an inspiration to everyone! She is always positive, and she never lets anything get to her. There are times when kids come in to say hello to her, and that says a lot about the type of teacher she is to them. She tutors in the morning before school starts for anyone who needs extra help. Oftentimes, she has a group of kids in the hallway helping them with reading and projects. She is fantastic with technology, and she is very patient with kids who have difficulty navigating their iPads.

Ms. Emma Sullivan Coghill
Compassion, dedication, empathy, patience, courage, tenacity, and humor sums up only a few of Emma's amazing qualities. Emma works with students that can be challenging in many regards, but she does a fantastic job finding classes and settings in which students excel, not only increasing their academic skills but their social interactions with an increased number of peers and adults. Her love for her students and our special education field is obvious when you watch her work with our students and when you talk to her about what she hopes for her students. Emma goes above and beyond every day to ensure all of her students feel included and are pushed to achieve their own unique goals.

Ms. Elizabeth Compton
Elizabeth Compton is a wonderful and dedicated teacher. She teaches children who have never played an instrument before to make beautiful music! She is adored by all her students and Orchestra has consistently won numerous top awards year after year! Not only is Elizabeth an exceptional teacher in the classroom, but she also pours her heart into her students during her personal time as well. She creates opportunities for kids to perform and grow in unique ways, including performances at Zilker Park, Circuit of the Americas, Disney World and most recently to travel abroad for performances throughout Italy last summer. She has the patience of a saint and even hosts an annual late night lock-in with middle schoolers, an admirable feat in and of itself. Her energy is contagious and her passion for Orchestra and for her students is an inspiration to all who know her. She is a masterful conductor and commands respect from all while bringing learning alive and making it truly fun.

Ms. Michelle Craft
Michelle impacts her students in so many ways from teaching them new and challenging material to engaging them in technology. She goes above and beyond daily to meet the needs of her students and move them through a high school level course in middle school. She encourages the best from her students when it comes to their learning their behavior and their integrity. She is teaching her students to keep up in an ever-changing world as they learn about culture and history as well as a new language. Her students long remember her teaching after they leave and continue on their educational journeys and they are ready to continue their learning of Spanish in high school. Michelle has a positive impact on her students and her peers in multiple ways and leads by example.

Ms. Katy Goldschmidt
Katy is a wonderful teacher! She is always checking in on her students and working hard to provide positive feedback. She continues to successfully build relationships and in general, is a classic role model throughout our building! She is always positive and smiles to everyone she passes! She emails home every day in particular instances to ensure the homework/daily work expectation is clearly identified. She takes every 8th math test beforehand so she can actively help re-teach any missed TEKS for her kids. She is so thoughtful and you can tell she cares so much for her students. She is an EANESpiration!

Ms. Brittany Schwartz Gothia
Brittany does not simply teach her students. She has made a tremendous impact on the Life Skills department at West Ridge, on the families of her students and most importantly, on her students. Because of her commitment to each of her students, her creative thinking and her true understanding of their strengths, her students (and therefore their families) will forever be more independent. She can make some of the most difficult academic and life-based skills accessible to each and every student she works; therefore, helping them feel successful and proud of what they have accomplished. Her love for this field and for each and every student she works with is felt the minute you begin a conversation with her. She is committed to making a difference with our students and with all those who engage with our students!

Ms. Donna Muyshondt
We are so fortunate to have Donna working with our students and addressing needs with such love and compassion. Her job is not just about writing, keyboarding, dressing, or hand washing. It is about teaching many, many students how to complete some extremely important life skills. She does this in many creative and engaging ways for the students and for the teachers who also help carry these skills over on a day-to-day basis. She no doubt makes an educational impact for our students, but more importantly a lifelong impact!

Ms. Andrea Snouffer
Andrea is a tireless teacher! She comes early, stays late, and has a high level of respect for and from her students. They develop a love of music and dedicated musicianship through her excellent example and pedagogy. Her choirs win at UIL, with several achieving Overall Sweepstakes-straight perfect scores. They perform to a level most middle school programs do not dream of in their Fall, Winter and Spring concerts. Mrs. Snouffer's classes are inclusive, supportive and encouraging for every kind of learner we have on campus. The smile on her face never leaves and we look forward to seeing her every day as much as her classes do!


Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Lorie Schoch
Lorie goes above and beyond in her teaching and her concern for students. Students consistently name her as one of their most influential teachers. What most don't know is that for YEARS, Lorie has managed a peer mentor program to help students develop their writing during her lunch. This is not something she was asked to do, but rather something she has developed out of her desire to help her students. She matches her strongest writers with a peer who WANTS (it is all volunteer) help before STAAR. The program is the best of SEL-- recognizing strong writers and empowering them to give back to their peers. Student writers are excited to hear the advice from the expert peer because they get to select partners. It is a win/win program for everyone involved. This program along with all the other sacrifices has made to West Ridge this year, makes her an excellent choice for this year's WRMS Heroes Award.


Good Samaritan Award

Those who display compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative

Ms. Dominique Bayona and Ms. Brett Hotchkiss
As new co-sponsors, Brett Hotchkiss and Dominique Bayona lead our WRMS National Junior Honor Society to new heights raising money for charity. They had a goal of raising $10,000 and - through tireless and valiant efforts - raised $15,969.59 for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. How did they do it? With passion, drive, and determination. They poured their hearts and souls into the campaign. In addition to organizing the basic campaign, they sent out weekly (sometimes daily) motivational reminders to staff, organized a Teacher vs. Student Basketball Game, held lunch meetings for teachers to learn about the program, helped staff troubleshoot problems with the fundraising website (and how to put together those crazy boxes!), sold raffle tickets, and earned ALL WRMS students and staff free Spurs tickets. Thank you, Brett & Dominique, for your incredible leadership, inspiration, and fundraising creativity. What a difference you both made for cancer research and in the hearts of our Wildcats.