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Eanes ISD

Valley View ES EANESpiration Winners, 2022

Eanespiration Awards
Valley View Elementary Eanespiration Winners

Left to Right. Principal Jennifer Duesk, Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard, Nick Hall, Christina Rossa, Angela Sucato & Michael Epstein. Not Pictured: Maggie Adams & Frieda Martinez.

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Mr. Michael Epstein, Special Ed Teacher
Mr. Epstein joined VVE after the start of the school year. It was evident from the moment he stepped on campus that we had gained a perfect fit for our children, staff and parents. Michael is a gifted communicator, leader, teacher and colleague. He communicates with precision, positivity and purpose. He leads by example, always with grace, compassion and determination to serve to the best of his ability. He lifts others up with specific feedback and genuine praise. He is a giver- providing treats, messages and actions that strengthen our students and staff. He is a remarkable presenter, with an ability to hold the attention and engagement of any student or adult audience. Michael is changing lives every day and every person he touches is better because of him. We are so thankful to have Mr. Epstein at VVE!

Ms. Frieda Martinez, CDC Site Specialist
Frieda works SO hard. She took on this position in the middle of COVID and has been the backbone of our campus. She is patient with all students and staff but also holds everyone to the highest of standards. She greets everyone with kindness and humor while always remaining professional. We simply could NOT do this job without her!

Ms. Christina Rossa, 4th-grade Teacher
Ms. Rossa displays the type of leadership we all love. She is dedicated and laser-focused on students. Ms. Rossa has an extraordinary commitment to inclusion, especially for students with exceptionalities.  Her classroom is a space where inquiry is celebrated and encouraged. When she teaches, Ms. Rossa does an intentional job of highlighting choices and independence. Her classroom is like an oasis. We are so fortunate to work alongside Ms. Rossa; she truly embodies our deepest-held values.

Mr. Nick Hall, 5th-grade science teacher
Nick is exciting and energetic both in the classroom and outside the classroom setting. He has gone above and beyond to reach his students. Nick gives space to his students to think critically, ask big questions, and explore problem-solving in innovative ways. Nick came from AISD and has extensive experience with teaching Shakespeare to students. Nick started a Shakespeare group at VVE and has involved students who are normally not interested in memorizing facts of any kind and has engaged them in a way that they understand, that they enjoy, and that they want to share with our school community. Nick is the first to engage in ways that grow him as an educator and because of his teachable and passionate spirit, Nick is an inspiration. 

Ms. Angela Sucato, Special Ed Teacher
Angela is one of the hardest-working teachers we know! She works tirelessly to understand her students’ needs and is never afraid to advocate for them. She spends long hours creating thoughtful IEP programming and is creative in her approach. No matter how busy, she remains student-focused and approaches others with warmth and humor. Her kind and relatable nature make students and parents feel safe and understood, even in difficult circumstances. Her approach has led to incredibly successful student outcomes and we are so lucky to have her at VVE.


Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Maggie Adams, Substitute Teacher & Parent Volunteer
Maggie has subbed for 2nd-grade multiple times and has done an amazing job stepping in when teachers are out with COVID or other reasons. She volunteers all over the school and never hesitates to help. She also did an AMAZING job on the day that VVE was on lockdown until after 5pm. She is dedicated, selfless, and a wonderful teacher for our students.   We are so fortunate to have Maggie Adams on our campus.