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Eanes ISD

Valley View ES EANESpiration Winners, 2021

Eanespiration Awards

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Shannon Bourland, 3rd-Grade Teacher
Ms. Bourland originally began our school year as a "permanent sub" on our campus. Within just a few weeks, she was officially assigned to partner with a 3rd-grade teacher who was teaching remotely. Shannon had no hesitation jumping into this new position. She began helping with online classroom management and conducting small groups with students. She made connections with the students, but also with families as her remote teaching gave her insight into our students’ family lives. When her partner teacher could no longer continue in her role, Shannon took no time to think about herself. She immediately stepped in as the long term substitute for the class knowing it was the best for the students. Shannon had many long days and nights learning the material, how to run a blended classroom, and how to create lesson plans that engaged all learners. She did all of this with a smile on her face and joy in her heart. She continues to work hard to create a steady, warm environment for her blended classroom of learners this year. 

Aaron Peña, 2nd-Grade Teacher
Mr Peña has been a consistent source of calm and stability during a turbulent year. He is efficient, organized, creative, warm and encouraging. His students adore him and there is no doubt why. His classroom is an oasis of learning and community. Watching him teach is like a breath of fresh air, and even comes with the occasional piano concert. We are honored to work beside him and look forward to each day with him as a teammate. He truly embodies what VVE is all about, and he is so inspirational to us all.

Sara Perez, Educational Partner
Ms. Perez is our school's Educational Partner. Throughout the summer she gave countless hours above and beyond her contract time to create systems, training, websites and input for the coming year. Her passion for student growth is evident in all she does. Sara works with our staff to support student learning and staff learning, as well. She can be found in classrooms at all times working with students in small groups, helping a teacher with technology, or problem-solving during team meetings. There is no doubt our school would not be the same without her. Her knowledge and passion for educational growth is unmatched.



Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Isabel Cuellar, Glenda Montoya & Jane Varela, Cafeteria Specialists
These three ladies are the heartbeat of our cafeteria. They are kind, hardworking, driven, compassionate and exceptional at what they do. Though they may not work in the spotlight, they are the true backbone of this school. Between the three of them, they have worked within these walls for more than 40 years and have learned the names and faces of every generation that has come through our doors during that time. They don't get nearly the gratitude or accolades they deserve, but they are true heroes. Between Cardinal fest, International Day, Easy Care, Kinder Round-Up and STAAR test catering, their work is sprinkled throughout it all. They work tirelessly and quietly in the background but are very much a part of each and every staff, student, and parent that has been here. Without them, we wouldn't have full bellies or full hearts.

Ana Hymel, School Nurse
Mrs. Hymel started this school year as a substitute school nurse at Valley View. It was an uncertain and difficult job during COVID. She was delicate in her approach to support our beloved nurse, students, parents and staff. She went above and beyond to communicate district practices, purchased PPE supplies with her own money, called/emailed and supported families and staff as thousands of inquiries were made about safety protocols in EISD. She is quiet, humble, efficient and effective in meeting the needs of our school. She worked hard to get to know the names of students, their families and staff members. Mrs. Hymel went well above and beyond her job description in partnering in contact tracing, maintaining accurate health records for our school, often in the evenings and/or during weekends. She is an exceptional, talented professional and warm, loving human being. We are grateful she joined our team this year and thrilled that she recently accepted the position as our school nurse. 

Tracy Jones, Registrar
Ms. Jones has been a phenomenal staff member that took on our registrar position during a difficult time of a pandemic and constant change. She quickly partnered with other registrars to create systems, compile information and create data reports needed for the beginning of school. While serving our school community, Tracy exudes a calm, caring demeanor with all she comes into contact. She's meticulous with her data, as needed from a registrar. She's passionate about helping within the school any time she can, and has given extra hours during this pandemic time to see that our school continues to run smoothly and accurately. She's a true gem.

Anita Lakshman, Parent Volunteer
Ms. Lakshman has already given so much of her time and talents to Valley View as a former Booster Club co-chair, co-chair of International Day and much more. But this year she has given even more of herself as she has stepped into new and vitally important roles in Eanes ISD with the District's DEI initiatives. Not only is she on the District's DEI Advisory Committee as parent representative for Valley View, she is also actively involved in the group Eanes For Equity which has already organized some incredible events including zoom book studies, and a fundraiser through Book People to raise money for more diverse books. In addition, her family donated an entire collection of diverse books for grades K-5 for Valley View. She made a template that explained each book and included what grade level it was appropriate for to assist teachers in choosing the right book for their class. Anita is a wealth of information, is passionate and committed to DEI work and to supporting educators as we move forward in making Eanes even better. We are grateful for her dedication and leadership in these many new roles.

Corey McCormack, Special Education Teacher
Ms. McCormack goes above and beyond for her students to ensure they feel noticed and loved. Week after week she is lesson planning, collecting data and working around the clock to make sure her students get what they need. Corey has created a positive environment that is child-focused and motivating. She does all of this with a positive attitude and a sparkle in her eye! We are so appreciative of her time and talents in making VVE a better place to learn!

Emily Shelton, Social Work Intern
Ms. Shelton stepped up to her role as Social Work intern with courage and dedication. This is a year like no other and Emily has thrived in her role as social work intern with amazing flexibility, curiosity, compassion, commitment and incredible skills with students and families. She's really been an amazing gift to Valley View. Little did we know we were also going to be without a full-time counselor this year. Emily has been able to step in and really provide excellent services to students, teachers and families. She really deserves recognition for navigating such a difficult year and doing it so well.